Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stash Saturation - Episode 77 - The Knitmore Girls


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Happy holidays from Purlescence Yarns! We're in full-blown holiday mode, knitting and weaving gifts for our loved ones. Are you set with yours? Our new favorite yarn is Cascade's 128 Superwash, a chunky Merino that knits up into beautiful gifts in no time at all. We've got a gorgeous color selection in the shop with more set to arrive this week!

On the Needles: (00:31)

Jasmin has finished the Albatross socks for Andrew, and cast on socks out of her Aqualung handspun and her Suzie Q handspun (both out of the Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino). Gigi is working on a dishcloth baby blanket. They discuss the Pajama Jammie Jam, and enabling.

We discuss the Ravelympics, Team Knitmore and Team Sasquatch.

Contest! (17:01)

We talk about our Do Some Good contest (running through 1/6/2010), and some of our favorites from last year.

Mother Knows Best: ( 19:03)

This week, we discuss the first part of modifying patterns to suit your personal style, specifically, adding elements.

When Knitting Attacks! (26:30)

Gigi suffers from not practicing what she preaches! She has neglected to label her lace projects.

Straw into Gold: (28:11)

We discuss troubleshooting wheels.

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  1. Hey, I think your Team Sasquatch idea is great.
    Did you know that you already have a mascot!?

    Quatchi, a young sasquatch from the mysterious forests of Canada! LOL