Thursday, November 26, 2009

Better. Faster. Knitter! - Episode 76 - The Knitmore Girls


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Crown Mountain Farms' Fiber of the Month Club will feature a different fiber each month, predrafted and hand dyed for your spinning pleasure! The fibers will include Falkland Top, Finn Top, Shetland Top, Wensleydale Top, Targhee Top, Lincoln Top, Merino Top, Masham Top, Welsh Top, Corriedale Top, Norwegian Top and Blue Face Leicester Top. The fiber will be available in a 4oz hanks for $15.00 with free shipping! Club members can choose a colorway out of our 59 existing colorways or may opt for a new colorway which we will create for each month. Discounts of 5% or 10% available for purchases throughout 2010 on our website when signing up for the 6 or 12 month fiber club.

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Purlescence Yarns will be open at 6am Friday, November 27 for our 4th Annual Pajama Jammie Jam. Get out your jammies! Grab your robe! Slip on your slippers! The Pajama Jammie Jam is coming! Every year we open super early on the day after Thanksgiving for our biggest sale of the year! Mark your calendars for 6am, Friday, November 27, and get ready to save, save, save!

Show notes will be posted by 11/30.


  1. Welcome back Gigi!
    Jasmin, in light of your comment about fulling the wool you are spinning, perhaps you would explain what Fuller's Earth is and how it relates?

  2. Welcome back Gigi. It's lovely to hear your voice again and to know that you are feeling better. Take care. Guru Nam Kaur