Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Twas the week before Christmas - Episode 80 - The Knitmore Girls


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Happy Holidays from Purlescence Yarns! Our shelves are stocked with great gifts to give and to get. Whether it's a wheel or a loom or a last minute hat to knit for someone on your list, we have what you need to make your days merry and bright. And be sure to check out the new fibers and sock yarns from Abstract Fiber, now in stock!

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On the Needles: (00:30)

Gigi continues to work on her Dishcloth Baby Blanket and Sam's second watch cap. Jasmin continues to work on her second Suzie Q sock and the Tweedy Pie Coat for Boo. Jasmin has been hit by the Inspiration Mac Truck. First, the new Knitty and then, Julia Mueller's patterns! Jasmin especially liked the Bitterroot Shawl by Rosemary Hill (which she'll be knitting with the dark blue alpaca/silk from Abstract Fiber) and the Quadrat Sweater by Beautia Dew.

We had a great time at the holiday sing-along at Purlescence. Gigi won a mock croc knitting bag, Andrew won a bump of Abstract Fiber Superwash Merino in "Vineyard". Gigi is surprised with a Knitmore Girls mug! (You can find the "bucket sized one" here.)

Contest: (17:40)

Participate in our "Do Some Good" contest! The contest closes on January 6th.

Mother Knows Best: (19:11)

This week, we talk about New Year's resolutions, Jasmin 2010, and the upcoming Ravelympics. You can find Team Knitmore here, and if you love knitting podcasts but don't want to limit yourself to one show, you can find Team Sasquatch here.

Holidays with the Knitmores: (28:59)

We talk about prioritizing holiday knitting.

When Knitting Attacks! (36:46)

Gigi attacks Jasmin's knitting. Gigi runs out of yarn.

Straw into Gold: (44:41)

Jasmin talks about plying the Abstract Fiber Alpaca/Silk and the Vermillion II from A Verb For Keeping Warm and the Woolee Winder. She also talks about the fleece to sweater creative process. Jasmin's Rhinebeck fleeces have arrived!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Julia Mueller's glove patterns. I just finished my first pair of gloves ever using her Entangled Stitches pattern. She is definately the Cookie A of gloves ;)