Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Emperor's New Silk - Episode 79 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the needles: (00:31)

Gigi is continuing to work on the dishcloth baby blanket. Jasmin is working on the Tweedy Pie coat for Boo. Gigi is working on a stocking cap for Sam to match the alien scarf she knit a few years ago. Jasmin has finished her first Suzie Q sock. You can see the sock template here.

Mother Knows Best: (12:13)

Customizing knits, part 3: Converting sweaters and steeking. We talk about the folks from Philosopher's Wool, and the Color Your Own sweater.

When Knitting Attacks! (21:54)

Jasmin invents the wrong way of executing attached iCord. We discuss the merits of blanket stitch.

Holidays with the Knitmores: (28:20)

This week we encourage full family participation during holiday prep. This includes decoration, cooking, and gift wrapping.

Straw into Gold: (36:20)

Jasmin talks about the Emperor's New Silk, and the merits of filling bobbins the same way every time.


  1. Another fun episode, Ladies! Glad to hear Gigi back on the mic. :-)

    I'm jealous that I didn't get to go to the screening. I hope to have an East Bay screening at some point.

    Judith did a video (not a book) on spinning Exotics (and it's GREAT!!). Here it is: Judith's Spinning Exotic Fibers and Novelty Yarns DVD

  2. Just saw a thread on Ravelry in the Schacht group about filling bobbins one direction, then crossing and starting over at the other end (if you fill front to back on the left side, then when the hooks have all been used, move to the other side and fill front to back again. The crossing single will help act as a lifeline.

    I guess there is also the other JMM tip, to cut off Starbucks coffee stirrers to the right length and lay them down every so often - if you need to cut, you even have a cutting surface ready.