Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seeking inspiration - Episode 9 - The Knitmore Girls


Listen here:

On the needles:

Gigi- checkerboard socks out of Casbah in Monarch

Jasmin- still working on the Blackberry Swirl socks, and has cast on the Adamas shawl out of Colrain Lace in Grape Jelly on size 4 needles.

Gigi is going to cast on her Somoko yarn. Pattern will be the Curved Lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi needs a bout of startitis. She's out of interesting UFOs. Jasmin needs to finish an 8 year old UFO.

Mother Knows Best:

Spit splicing. A good idea, but spit is icky, and so is chewing on yarn. Use a shotglass, dip your joined section, and rub between your hands. This way, your garment stays spit-free!


WorldWide Knit in Public Day! Saturday, June 14th. We'll be at Santana Row from 1PM- 4PM. Be there!

Seasonal Knitting:

What do you knit in the summertime? We knit socks, lace, and microfiber ribbon shells.

Jasmin needs to finish her Tempting shell.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do what you love, love what you do - Episode 8 - The Knitmore Girls

Listen here:

On the Needles:

Review: Heritage Sock Yarn by Cascade Yarns (courtesy of Purlescence Yarns)

Jasmin is getting roughly 8 sts/in on US 1 1/2 Hiya Hiya needles. (Buy them at your LYS!) The yarn has fabulous stitch definition and a terrific hand. It also has a decent price point for a handpainted sock yarn. ($17-$18/ 100g)

Mother Knows Best:

Try new things! You don't have to stick with a hobby if you don't love it anymore.
You also don't have to do 100% of everything for your interest. If you buy a fleece, you don't have to process it yourself. Send it to Shari at Morro Fleece Works! (She's fabulous.)
If you're not sure, process a handful of the fleece yourself. That's a decent representative sample of the whole process.

Out and About:

Spinning at the Retzlaff winery. Lots of people, more vendors, and TWO chickens! Good wine, good company, good wool. Good times.

Join us for Worldwide Knit in Public Day! We'll be at Santana Row.

When Knitting Attacks!

  • Busy and dark yarns don't suit heavily textured patterns.
  • When knitting slip-stitch patterns, add a little ease for those slipped stitches.
  • Jasmin attends Man of La Mancha with Nathania, Sandi, and Kathy in San Jose, and drops her tape measure LOUDLY at Man of La Mancha, and everyone drops stitches. That's how good it was.

Special Thanks to:

Stitch Stud- banner and badge in Ravlery
Purlescence Yarns- Heritage Yarn
Patrick Lydon- Theme Song
Gretchen - laugh track and ambient drop spindle-dropping