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  1. enjoyed listening to your 2 husband's version of their view on the Men's sweater books. LOL

  2. Dear Jasmin and GiGi,
    I don't know what I'd do without you two!! Thank you both so much for being there for me! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and am going through chemo before my surgery in January. My chemo is every third Thursday, so I try to upload your podcast before I head in for my infusion...then I knit socks and listen to you guys! Makes for a very pleasant morning! Thank you for the company and diversion!
    Two questions: what did you say you were using for your 'waste yarn' when you do afterthought heels? Was it white crochet cotton?
    Also, when you post those adorable photos of Genevieve on your blog, would you mention the sweater patterns that she models? They are all so lovely....but of course, not as lovely as she!
    Thanks again for a wonderful podcast! I'm afraid I'm not participating in Halos for Hope this year, as I'm making a few of my own....but next year I definitely will be, as I now know how much those caps are appreciated!


  3. Hi Jasmin -- one of the (many) reasons I enjoy and keep coming back to your podcast is the high quality sound of each episode, even though you're clearly recording at home (near kitchens and babies!). I hope your recording setup isn't a trade secret, 'cause I'm interested in how you do it -- I'm exploring a Big Read-type podcast for my school, and would LOVE to produce at your quality level! Will you share?

  4. I would love some more info on making after thought heel. I don't understand your 60 percent etc.

    Tick map on revelry

  5. Hi, your podcast on TuneIn says "no stream available". Do the podcasts have an expiration date? TIA.

  6. Gigi, you have inspired me to knit preemie hats with my leftover sock yarn! Would you share your pattern?