Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sleeve Opimist - Episode 407 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:33)

Gigi has been working on Opus the Octopus from Infinite Twist. The body is done, she needs to do eyelids, and she cast on the underside out of contrast yarn. Also, we love the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  We also talk about the Goodreader app.

Jasmin is working on her next Hamilknit. She has made an "And Peggy" chart for the new hat. We mention Emily might be releasing the modified charts, and the TinCanKnits Hackalong.

Gigi is working on socks out of White Birch Fiberarts, and she is planning to knit them into smooth operator socks. 

 Jasmin is also working on a skein of White Birch in the Little Birdie colorway. $5  of the sale of each skein of this color will be donated to the ACLU, and $5 will go to Planned Parenthood.
Gigi is working on the cuff of a pair of green Christmas socks from #25DaysOfEnabling  It needs something more, so she has stopped working on it.  Episode 18 of the "The Fruity Knitting Videocast" has an excellent fair isle tutorial about 20 minutes in. We mention the Philosopher's Wool technique technique.

Jasmin is working on black sleeves for the Anna Cardigan.

Gigi is working on the Puerto Montt, But still hasn't knitted up all the yarn that she had ripped out.
  She mentions his Welcome to the Flock cardigan.

Jasmin loves the yarn she got from Lisa Souza and she is plannning to knit a Diplodocus sweater for Rex and she mentions Megknitficent who knits amazing things.

Gigi used the Gleener to take unsightly fuzz off polar fleece sheets. Jasmin talks about the Gleener FURniture Brush 2-in-1 Upholstery and Pet Brush

Jasmin wants to knit hats for Rex.

Jasmin mentions Sherlock Knits, by Joanna Johnson. She is planning to knit Rex a Sherlock hat out of cascade 220. She mentions the Olivia hat, and she started a Cat hat.

Jasmin is about ⅓ done with the sleeves on the Anna cardigan. Jasmin started and is nearly finished with a  Cat hat for the Women's March on January 21st.

Jasmin is also working on her Bifrost scarf.

In Stitches:(27:16)

Gigi is wearing wool socks, and hat at night and the Knitmore cowl and a cowl out of handspun.  She is thinking she should knit some sweaters she wants to wear. The kids like it when Jasmin wears the Breezy cardigan   

Gigi thinks she would love to knit a Ribby Cardi and a Tunic length sweater. She thinks she would like a Grown collection sweater.
Jasmin wore her BostonJen Greyhaven hat & cowl, Eadon, Tangled Yoke sweater, and Breezy Cardigan . Genevieve wore her Elsa sweater, Elsa hat and gloves, the Squirrel sweater, Elmo scarf, and “Worm Hat”, Hamilknit hat, Duck sweater. Rex wore his Welcome to the Flock, and his Landon cardigan and Genevieve's Quynn hat.
Sam would like a Bumble hat.


We will be attending TNNA in January and Stitches West,  February 23-26.


#OperationSockDrawer and #Project SweaterChest are  put on hold for the time being.

 The  Do Some Good contest  started Friday after Thanksgiving.
The object of Do Some Good is to do something positive on a local, national or global level. Something that benefits more than your immediate family and friends. This year we will try and focus on supporting social justice organizations.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Grinch-Along started December 1st, and this is an instagram and ravelry thread contest. For this contest, work on anything that brings you joy and is not 2016 holiday gift knitting. We have amazing prizes, and bags made by us from this pinterest tutorial.
Entries will be judged on originality and general delightfulness. And obviously, Grinchiness.

Mother Knows Best:(42:22)

Today, we have a piece of advice:
If at first you don't succeed, find new directions.
Jasmin mentions King Arthur Flour recipes.

When Knitting Attacks:(47:22)

Jasmin did Hamilknit star crown repair. She used the Wanda ("handitool") to do the repairs. 


This week we review My Favorite Things: a knitted celebration of The Sound of Music by Anne Vally

(You can find the kit/collection here.)

Holidays with the Knitmores:(1:04:22)

Jasmin has an amazing LYS experience at the Cake Works. Also, Genevieve watched The Grinch cartoon. She said that natural food color is available at Whole Foods and is called India Dye.

Jasmin enthuses about Rachel Herron's series of romance novels, set in Cypress Hollow!

Gigi is fond of the Die Hard! series of Christmas movies. Also, the California Raisins.
Gigi had sewn small Christmas stockings, stuffed them  with small ornaments from Beverly's and hung them from a garland. Gigi is hanging her mini balls from the Opal advent calendar between the Christmas stockings.

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