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User Error- Episode 293 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:34)

Gigi has two finished objects: She has blocked her Featherweight cardi and her  Rocky Coast cardigan, missattributed as Gnarled Oak cardigan. She also set in the sleeves of the Dr Watson sweater and steamed the seams.

Jasmin is almost finished with the Dr Who, Vincent and the Doctor socks out of Quere Fibre. Gigi has been working on the Dianthus Superbus socks from the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, vol I.

Jasmin cast on a pair of socks from Cephalopod yarns out of the Barberpole Hopper colorway (#operationsockdrawer), and the yarn grew on her as she was knitting. Cephalopod Story

Gigi is knitting the Mini Water's Edge for Genevieve out of Abstract Fiber Calder #matchymatchyKAL. She has finished the body. She is also knitting the adult version, the Water's Edge for herself out of Abstract Fiber's Rothko.

Jasmin touches on the podcast by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen ( We also mention Alana Dakos' podcast Never Not Knitting.

We mention the audio version of Outlander. Jasmin has cast on on the Cointreau cowl, by Thea Coleman out of Himalayan Trails by Bijou Basin, and she mentions the #countdowntooutlander #kiltmenowKAL.

Loose Ends:(16:27)

Labels for Knitmore-Alongs from Sterling Name Tapes: Information for getting labels:

- Donate $1.50 for postage and envelope through Paypal button (in sidebar)
- PM Jasmin (cuteknitter) via Ravelry, and let her know how many sweater and shawl labels you want, and put "labels" in the subject line
- Include your Paypal email address in your PM
- International: PM Jasmin on Ravelry for cost of shipping

Put a picture of your sewn in labels in the "labels" thread.

- Summer of Lace and Beads is ongoing

Jasmin mentions Stash Dash.

Gigi talks about the Warsaw based artist Ne Spoon.


- July 5th-27th: Tour de Fleece
- September 1st, Monterey Wool Auction
- October 16-19 Pacific International Quilt Fest , at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Directors Cut on how to pick a fleece.


Contest winners will be chosen picked  on originality and general delightfulness

Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants need to post a picture to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer
have their ravelry name on your instagram profile.

Winner for #operationsockdrawer this week is Patty B. who won a skein of Abstract Fiber Temptation in the colorway Knitmore.

Winning picture: POST

Contest #countdowntooutlander  #kiltmenowKal, sponsored by Bijou Basin. This is being co-hosted by Maria from Subway Knits, CC from Geeky Girls Knit, and Kristin from YarnGasm.

Three skeins of Himalayan Trail from Bijou Basin Ranch are prizes.

This is an instagram contest. Participants need to label entries with #countdowntooutlander #kiltmenowKAL. This has to be creatively related to the Outlander series.  Getting help from pocket Jamie is encouraged. Prizes will be awarded at the mid season break and at the end of season 1 of Outlander.

Mother Knows Best:(26:24)

This week we answer questions out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about
how we picked our spinning wheels.

We mention the Matchless, (Jasmin told the story of how she started spinning on Cast On), bought an Ashford Traveler, upgraded to the Matchless, got a Louet Victoria, a Schacht Reeves, a Hanson Mini Spinner, the Ladybug, the Louet Julia. and the Sidekick.

Jasmin sings the praises of Schacht customer service.

When Knitting Attacks:(39:49)
Gigi was attacked by the Indie Burgh socks that she was knitting out of Regia Fluormania. Jasmin's Cointreau cowl attacked her.


This week we are purloining "Brewing" from the KnitKnit Cafe podcast.

Gigi wants to find a pattern that does the lovely Bijou Basin Yarn justice. She thinks she will knit a pattern from Sivia Hardings Book of Cowls.


This week we review Fiona's Flame, by Rachael Herron

Straw Into Gold:(56:29)

Gigi is not impressed with her performance on Tour de Fleece. Jasmin did very well and spun all the fiber, and has started plying, and her swatch looks marvelous. She used a niddy noddy, the"maggie" mini, available here

Jasmin mentions the Manduka Yoga pillow.

And Sew On:(1:01:57)

Gigi worked some more on the Nemesis dress, and cut out a dress for Genevieve. She talks about tutti frutti fabric.

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