Sunday, July 19, 2009

Director's Cut: Selecting a fleece - The Knitmore Girls Podcast


Listen here:

Sandi Luck (from Purlescence Yarns) discusses selecting fleeces.

When picking a fleece:

1- Smell it. Does it smell wrong? Sour? Ill. That's a "no" sign.
2- Has it been jacketed? They are less likely to grow mold or have sunbunt tips.
3- Is there a whole lot of vegetable matter?
4- Has the fleece been skirted?
5- How do the fibers look? Is there a noticeably damaged location?
6- Snap the lock by your ear. Does it sound like a guitar string? That's good. Crackling is bad.
7) Look out for short cuts.

If you can't touch the fleece, listen closely to the judging.

Judging is done by:

1) Staple length, by breed
2) Color quality
3) Strength of fiber
4) Damaged tips
5) quality of Shearing

With micron count: Low numbers are soft, high numbers are coarse.

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  1. Loved this episode... so much great information and wonderful passion abot the fleece and sheep.

    also, the ahh...ha... mhh.. parts of the show made me giggle a bit... I would probably make the same noises...