Saturday, August 23, 2014

Director's Cut- Franklin Habit (2014) - The Knitmore Girls


Listen here:
This director's cut is brought to you without commercial interruption by:
This Director’s Cut is sponsored exclusively by Sheepspot, an artisinal yarn company offering sustainably-produced, breed-specific, hand-dyed yarns and fibers.

Most of Sheepspot’s products start with wool from small purebred flocks in Canada or the US. Many are made from fleeces we pick by hand. We get to know the shepherds and their flocks, and we pay a fair price for the wool. Then we have our fiber gently processed by mills right here in North America, using as few chemicals as possible.

We love supporting small-scale, sustainable agriculture and local mills. We love knowing that the sheep who grow our wool lead good lives. And we love giving the fiber-obsessed the option to buy beautiful yarns and fibers that they can feel great about working with.

If you’re craving sustainable stash from happy sheep, you can learn more at Sheepspot: the natural spot for gathering wool.

Things mentioned:

A verb for keeping warm
1000 knitter's project
It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons
Yarnover (in Minneapolis)

Franklin's patterns can be found here.

You can find Franklin's blog here, Franklin on Twitter, Dolores on Twitter, Harry on Twitter, and Franklin's teaching calendar here.

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