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Responsible Journalism - Episode 275 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:34)

Gigi has been working on the Dr Watson sweater out of Cascade Ecological Wool. Jasmin has been making progress on the Chocolate Rainbow sock from FabFunkyFibre (#operationsockdrawer).
Gigi is knitting Neon Now Socks from Webs.

Jasmin is working on the Colorblock pullover by Karen Borrel out of  Malabrigo Rios from Uncommon Threads in Los Altos, CA. 

Gigi has started the Water's Edge cardigan from Coastal Knits LINK #matchymatchyKAL, out of Abstract Fiber Rothko. Genevieve will get the Mini Water's Edge out of Abstract Fiber Calder.

Jasmin has been working on the Hitchhiker #behmalong out of Abstract Fiber Supersock #Behmalong and the new pattern by Martina Behm, Tubularity.

She mentions labels for Knit-Alongs from Sterling Name Tapes: Information for getting labels:

- Donate $1.50 for postage and envelope through Paypal button (in sidebar)
- PM Jasmin (cuteknitter) via Ravelry, and let her know how many sweater and shawl labels you want
- Include your Paypal email address in your PM
- International: PM Jasmin on Ravelry for cost of shipping


June 7th, Fleeces, Food and Fun, at the Retzlaff Winery

We attended the classes taught by the wonderful Franklin Habit.
On the way we listened to
Fluffy Fibers Podcast
Just Another Bay Area Knitter (JABAK)
Knitting Pipeline
A Playful Day

Geeky Girls Knit

We took Franklin Habit's Photographing Fiber class, had a wonderful time and learned a lot about light, composition and DIY's for expensive equipment.

Jasmin mentions Boston Jen, and Rick Mondragon.

Phenomenal food at the Actual Cafe next to A Verb For Keeping Warm, Zachary's Pizza, and cupcakes from James and the Giant Cupcake.

Sunday's class was History and Technique of Lace Knitting.  Phenomenal. Jasmin mentions our interviews with Nancy Bush and Galina. Franklin's calendar for prospective students.

In Stitches:(26:19)

Gigi wore her Katarina Jacket, her Cassidy, and her Frost Flower shawl.

Genevieve has been wearing her Tangaroo Sweater a lot

Jasmin wore the yellow beaded Citron, her Touch Me scarf ( pre-ravelry, no pics), her SPAKAL sweater, and her Seeded Rib hat (pre-ravelry, no pics). We love looking at the In Stitches thread in the forum and need to have this on Everlapse.

Mother Knows Best:(29:24)

This week we answer a question out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about using variegated yarn. We mention Stephen West, Martina Behm, and Mary Scott Huff. Stripe Study, Color Affection. Lisa Souza and Brenda Patipa's patterns. Lucy Neatby.

When Knitting Attacks:(35:16)

Jasmin was attacked by the Colorblock pullover by Karen Borrel. She is very happy with the life preserver feature on Ravelry. She mentions  Try It On Tubing. Gigi was attacked by her Water's Edge.

We were both attacked by Franklin's Tree of Life lace pattern.


This week we review: Woven Scarves by Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov
Jasmin mentions The Weaver's Idea Book by Jane Patrick and the Cricket Loom LINKS
We read about Fringe Twister

We mention Outlander

Staw Into Gold:(51:32)

Gigi has been doing homework for her Spin U class at Purlescence, and spinning lace weight at 40+wpi. She mentions the Jacey Boggs art yarn video

Jasmin has been spinning on her Mini Spinner, getting ready for the SPAKAL.

And Sew On:( 56:06)

Gigi has been working on the Savvy Dress for SavvyGirl Melanie, and is thrilled with the technique for sewing lined sleeves.

Jasmin is working on inserting a zipper into a dress for Genevieve.

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  1. Am considering starting a "I Want To Knit An Orenburg Shawl" support group. Gigi would be a contender.