Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Russian Novel - Episode 501 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:40)

Jasmin turned the heel on her Knitmona “creepy crawlies” Halloween socks, and started the heel on her
“plastic pony” socks (by Asfaltsflickandesigns on etsy). ‘Tis the season! #operationsockdrawer

Gigi is knitting on a pair of Vanilla Is The New Black out of Patons Kroy, in the Sunset Stripe colorway.
Heels are finished, the toes are next. And she started a new pair in the Sunburst Stipe.
Jasmin is *still* beading fringe using Dental Appliance Threaders.
Gigi is working on the Purlbreak's edge, it needs 16 garter ridges. Ten are done.

Jasmin started the Swing Left socks by Megan Williams out of the “Gotta Give ‘em Hope” colorway from
Little Skein in the Big Wool #operationSockdrawer

Gigi finished the  sleeves of the Vitamin D sweater for her #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL.
seamed both sleeves, and is working on the body.  Jasmin set it up in knitCompanion on the iPad
GoodReader glitched with the new iOS update.

Jasmin is nearly at the armhole split on her Squashblossom Sprig. Gigi finished the Ridgeline cowl, yarn
from Backyard Fiberworks .  Main color is grey, contrast colors are ROYGBIV.

Events: (14:49)
- May 1st: #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL started

Mother Knows Best:(17:38)
This week we talk about civic engagement with your knitting group. Take your ballot, take some sweets,
take a pencil, reading glasses.
Make sure you are in contact with your representative, use Resistbot.
Outlines in Discourse, lovingly Purloined from LittleSkeinAnne: "My Instagram feed + website are safe
spaces to share civil discourse. Different viewpoints are OK, but it’s not OK make fiery or sarcastic
comments at me or others."

When Knitting Attacks:(24:23)
Gigi messed up short rows in the Vitamin D cardigan.
Pulled back a weeks worth of knitting trying to find my spot on knitCompanion.  Lifelines?
Jasmin started her Swing Left socks and had severe user error.
Also, she decided to do instep decreases on a sock that didn't use them.

This week we review Lace Yarn Studio,  Carol Sulcoski
Jasmin mentions knitCompanion. and GoodReader.

And Sew On:(43:31)
Gigi’s is taking Fashion Design 2 at West Valley College
She hasn’t fixed issues of the high waisted skirt. Now: drafting a jacket
Teacher demonstrated a bound button hole pocket. This is very elegant.
Gigi started drafting front of jacket.  Slow going. Checked out the Resource room.  Listening to sewing
podcasts, She hears book suggestions.  Needs to check out school library, city libraries.

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