Thursday, September 27, 2018

All Bets Are Off - Episode 500 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:43)
Gigi is working on the Purlbreak's edge, it needs 16 garter ridges.
Jasmin bound off the first sleeve of her Frozen Hearts pullover

Gigi is knitting on a pair of Vanilla Is The New Black out of Patons Kroy, in the Sunset Stripe colorway.
Heel decreases are finished, working on the feet

Jasmin is about to turn the heel on her Knitmona “creepy crawlies” Halloween socks. ‘Tis the season!
Jasmin mentions the Anna Karenina socks, and the Knitmore Vanilla Socks.

Gigi finished the  sleeves of the Vitamin D sweater for her #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL.
seamed both sleeves, and is working on the body.  Finished first set of short rows.
Jasmin suggests knitCompanion

Jasmin is beading fringe using Dental Appliance Threaders.
She mentions the beading mat

Gigi is working on the Ridgeline cowl, yarn from Backyard Fiberworks .  Main color is grey, contrast colors
are ROYGBIV. Done so far: ROYGB.  Picking up a stitch from a few rows below, and knitting it together
with a live stitch.

Jasmin enthuses about the Celestarium shawl.

Events: (24:38)
- May 1st: #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL started
- Vogue Knitting Live San Francisco: September 21-23 RECAP

In Stitches:(36:48)
Jasmin- Semifinished Frozen Hearts
Gigi -listener hat, by Khalila

Mother Knows Best:(38:44)
(related: tariffs. Some brands that mill in US:Neighborhood Fiber Company, A Verb For Keeping Warm,
Make sure you are in contact with your representative, use Resistbot.

When Knitting Attacks:(46:46)
Strange stitch in the Vitamin D cardigan.
Purlbreak shawl. Missing stitch markers at the center.  Jar with Stitch makers is AWOL.
Jasmin forgot how to turn a heel. Knitmore Vanilla sock

This week we review : The Cowls Are Not What They Seem, by Shannon Okey
Jasmin mentions knitCompanion. and GoodReader.

And Sew On:(43:31)
Gigi’s class this semester is Fashion Design II at West Valley College.
Got 1st project back, size 8 sloper and pattern for a standard skirt.  
Construction of high waisted skirt is amazing. Teacher does  You Tube tutorials on how to sew it.

I added 1 inch designer ease to front and back skirt and forgot to add it to the facing pieces.

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