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Big skeins - Episode 281- The Knitmore Girls


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Abstract Fiber's got a new luxe club! May through August, we'll send you one or two skeins of luxury yarns. Sock to lace weights, some in new colors, and some new yarns. Don't you deserve a special treat every month?  
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On The Needles:(0:35)

Jasmin talks about Martina Behm patterns. She mentions the Knit Girllls podcast. She touches on the Social Pressure Experiment.

Genevieve picked buttons for her Colorblock pullover by Karen Borrel out of  Malabrigo Rios. Jasmin likes the sheep with the dangly feet.

Jasmin mentions her OXO Sweater Dryer.

Gigi finished Fluoromania socks for herself and tube socks for Genevieve.

Jasmin cast on the Matchmaker #behmalong. She is knitting it out of Mighty Sock from Abstract Fiber, and Ellen's Half Pint Farm merino tencel. She reminds Gigi of her Aeolian Shawl.

Gigi is working on the Loasa Lateritia from the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet. Jasmin is also working on her Blueflame socks. #operationsockdrawer

Gigi is working on the sleeves of the  Dr Watson sweater out of Cascade Ecological Wool. Jasmin cast on the Velvet Hoodie out of Calder by Abstract Fiber in the Orchid Colorway.

Gigi is working on Loops and Threads tube socks for Genevieve. She is complaining about her glut of Fluoromania vanilla socks.

Jasmin touches on the Sprig sweater, the Barberry sweater, and Gigi is still pouting about her Water's Edge. #matchymatchykal


- June 7th, Fleeces, Food and Fun, at the Retzlaff Winery.
- June 14th- June 22nd: International Knit In Public Day Week
-July 5- July 27 Tour de Fleece
- September 1st, Monterey Wool Auction 

Jasmin mentions our Directors Cut on how to pick a fleece. 
We mention the Geeky Girls videocast.


#OperationSockdrawer Contest. Simply Socks Yarn has graciously donated a prize.
Make sure to hashtag your photos as #operationsockdrawer on instagram, make sure your ravelry name is on your instagram profile.

Mother Knows Best:(22:04)
This week we answer a question out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about The Woolee Winder.

We mention the Julia and the Schacht Matchless.

When Knitting Attacks:(28:08)

Gigi knitting pattern decided to hide from her.

Jasmin wants to knit the Colonel Henley for Andrew. There was a definite lack of yardage in the intended yarn. The sweater wants to be knitted out of Tess Yarns Superwash merino in the CobbleStone colorway.


This week we are purloining The Ever Expanding Skill Set from the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast, hosted by Sarapomegranate.

Jasmin references Jillian Moreno and Ysolda Teague. She mentions the Knit Girllls.

What are YOU doing to increase your skill set?


This week we are reviewing Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie and Knitted Animal Hats by Fiona Goble.

Straw Into Gold:(54:59)

Gigi has been plying carbonized cotton, and is spinning some superwash merino for sock yarn.

Tour de Fleece Training:(56:00)

Week One of Tour de Fleece Training: Pick the project and join the Team Sasquatch board. Podcasters: pm Jasmin if you'd like to be a captain for Team Sasquatch. 

And Sew On:(57:39)

Gigi bought an awl at the hardware store and used it as a tailors awl to set in the sleeve on the Nemesis dress.

We mention looking at the Threads Magazine website for a tutorial.

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