Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Natürlich - Episode 244 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin finished the knitting on her Ophidian, and Gigi finished her Narcissus socks. Jasmin is working on her Cashmere Aran Pocket Shawl.

Gigi cast on the Leafwise for another Summer of Lace and Beads project. We rhapsodize about Martina Behm's designs.

Gigi mentions the Swallow Hill Lace Needles she had bought ages ago. Jasmin mentions the Lefty,
and the Brickless, also Gigi works on her Lorelei.

Jasmin unearthed her Clapotis from Area 51, Gigi dug out her White Einstein Coat. They both talk about the Einstein coats they knitted. Jasmin mentions the Baby Einstein. Jasmin is working on her Fifteen Color Rainbow Socks, by Fab Funky Fibers.


We will be attending the Monterey Wool Auction on Monday, September 2nd
Directors cut for selecting fleeces


The  Famous Last Words Contest will wrap up at the end of September. (Maybe later.)

Mother Knows Best:(19:52)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about ?" thread.
The question is about mending a moth eaten shawl.
We talk about water soluble stabilizer, and we mention Michaels.

When Knitting Attacks:(26:52)

Gigi was attacked by the instructions on her cowl. Jasmin is turning up one row short on her shawls, and she mentions her Daybreak, the Boneyard, the Pogona, and the Ophidian.

Tickled Pink:(29:42)

Gigi is tickled pink by her Jenkins Turkish Drop Spindle. It is a Turkish Delight indeed.
Also, she is thrilled about not having to drag her sewing machine to the repair shop.


This week we review Light and Layered Knits, by Vicki Square

Straw Into Gold:(44:30)

Gigi has been spinning on her Jenkins Turkish Delight drop spindle.
Jasmin has been trying to spin her Gourmet Stash punis. She mentions Judith Mackenzie McCuin, and Leslie from the Knit Girlls videocast.

And Sew On:(47:22)

Gigi has cut the fabric for a half square triangle quilt. She has been trying to work with the Angler 2 tool and thinks that her squares are a bit too large to work with this gadget.

Jasmin mentions the Lava meets the Sea quilt. Gigi mentions the Hera marker.

We make pie in the sky promises about releasing tutorials by 2025



  1. A comment about half square triangles for Gigi - I have made a zillion half square triangles and have used any and every different way to mark the lines and over time I have come to realize that it doesn't matter at all what you use because when you cut the two triangle units apart, you cut right on the line so it will never be visible on the finished product at all. I've used pencil, ball point pen, hera marker, you name it I've done it, and it doesn't make any difference. Good luck!!

  2. I just wanted to say Dangermouse sounded so precious. It made me smile to listen to her.

  3. I am behind on my podcast listening so I haven't listened to this one yet! I did notice a mention in the notes about tutorials and up until last month I wasn't concerned about them at all. But I recently learned I am going to be a Grandmother for the first time so suddenly I REALLY need that baby blanket tutorial...or even just a brief set of directions! I am an experienced seamstress so size, fiber type and edge finish info might be enough! HELP.

  4. Let me just say I get in a fabulous mood anytime I hear DangerMouse on so thank you for that!