Monday, April 2, 2012

Bumper crop - Episode 178- The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles: (0:34)

Gigi is making progress on her Odelia sweater. Jasmin has made some excellent progress on the Houdini socks for Andrew. We mention Laura, the Joy of Cooking Fairy. Gigi is knitting a bumper crop of sweet tomato heeled socks. Gigi is also knitting a pair of Houdini socks.

Jasmin is also working on wedges, hers are in the shape of the Roxbury Pond Shawl by Christine Burchard, out of Handmaiden Casbah.  Gigi is working on the Kleio by Rosemary Hill.

Jasmin is excited about sewing, we talk about the clothing in "Mad Men", and we would love to sew clothes from that era. Also, Gigi has blocked two Ophidian shawls by Sivia Harding, and a Heart to Heart Scarf (also by Sivia Harding).

Events: (17:05)

May 18-20: CNCH in Oakland, CA, at the convention center
June 2nd: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery, in Livermore, CA
June 9: World Wide Knit In Public Day, we will be in front of the Ainsley House in Campbell, CA
June 22-24: Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR. Maybe.  Registration for classes has started.

Contest: (19:32)

Spring Cleaning Contest!

Clean, organize, streamline something.  Jasmin has sold two fleeces that she has spun sweaters from already. Gigi has repurposed an old filing cabinet and used it for very organized sewing pattern storage. Share your ideas and projects in this thread!

Mother Knows Best:(24:37)

Work with the best you can afford.  When you can't afford to spend money, make due with what you have, and MacGuyver something until you can afford the tool you want to have.

Sew Painful:(28:07)

Gigi was attacked by her mending.


We are purloining the "Munch, Burp, Slurp" segment from A Playful Day podcast by greentrianglegirl.  Jasmin talks about making Chewy Oatmeal cookies with browned butter. Recipe from The Smitten Kitchen blog. Also, follow Somebunnyslove's food board on Pinterest, she has some very interesting food pinned.


This week, we are reviewing Noni Flowers by Nora Bellows. We also mentioned Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers.

Straw into Gold:(43:08)

Gigi isn't spinning as fast as she thought she would.  Jasmin is plying like it's going out of style; Jasmin has been plying the Crown Mountain Farms Material Girl singles and the oatmeal-colored CVM for a Hannah Fettig sweater.

Jasmin has been making some progress on her Spindle SPAKAL Targhee X. She has chosen a black Rambouillet X (from Iris Eppley) which she split with Meghan (formerly of the Stitch It! Podcast) for her wheelspun SPAKAL sweater.

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  1. Hi :) I just recently found your podcast (actually I just found the fun of podcasts in general this past week), and I LOVE you guys. But. I have one suggestiong. I'm in Finland, so it's a bit frustrating to hear about all the neat events you're attending. So what would you think about having the Events section last in your podcast? That way, those of us who can't make it can stop listening when the events section begins - or not. It would enhance my enjoyment quite a lot and I don't really see how it would reduce that of your local listeners :)