Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Small bites - Episode 177 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles: (00:32)

Jasmin is inspired to knit a Houdini sock for Andrew, with some improvements. We mention the New Pathways class by Cat Bordhi. Gigi is working on a sock with a Sweet Tomato heel. We also mention Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks for Warm Feet and Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. We mention Miss Kalendar (of the Brass Needles podcast) and her love of turning short-rowed heels.

Jasmin is still working on her CampKIP KAL Daybreak Shawl. Gigi has finished her Sharks Daybreak scarf for Sam.

We officially announce the pattern for the SPAKAL: The Eadon cardigan by Susanna IC.

Mother Knows Best: (14:08)

We talk about knitting in bed. We recommend getting a backrest (Jasmin has this one, Gigi has this one), and making sure you have a good mattress.

When Knitting Attacks: (18:55)

Savvy Girl Melanie (from the Savvy Girls Podcast) comes to visit and (unintentionally) wreaks havoc on Gigi's Morehouse Merino dragon scarf. Gigi flips the colors on her Kleio shawl (by Rosemary Hill). Gigi also downloads her first (solo) pattern- the Mishke by CocoKnits, and realizes that she's short on yardage.

Purloined: (28:05)

This week, we steal the "Guess who's crazy?" segment from the (former) KIPing it Real podcast (now the Positively Over Committed podcast). Jasmin has decided to do one SPAKAL sweater on a drop spindle, and one on the wheel. Challenge ACCEPTED!

Review: (31:31)

We mention the Jimmy Beans Wool needle return/exchange policy (which is made clearer here, post-recording)

For our actual review, we review Juju's Loops: Charming Knitting Patterns. Gigi gives it an "eh", Jasmin really likes it.

Straw into Gold: (42:15)

Jasmin dusts off her Schacht-Reeves saxony wheel and spins some of the Crown Mountain Farms cormo.

Gigi picks her fleece for the SPAKAL- a medium grey merino/corriedale fleece (from Janet Heppler) from a sheep named "Banditta". We talk about measuring out (CLEAN) weight for spinning a sweater. Gigi has measured out her SPAKAL fiber into 1 oz bumps, and is trying to spin 1 oz per sitting.

Trusted and recommended sources for wool: Shari at Morro Fleece Works, Brooke from Sincere Sheep, Crown Mountain Farms, Purlescence Yarns (for Ashland Bay roving). Jasmin also mentions the 6" plastic Schacht weaving bobbins.

Jasmin is spinning her drop spindle SPAKAL sweater on a modular KCL drop spindle. You can find the thread for the SPAKAL here.

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