Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sock Summit Recap - Episode 66 - The Knitmore Girls

wine and socks

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On the Needles: (00:29)

Thanks again to Andrew and Gregory for guest-hosting for us in Episode 65!

(Scroll down on the show notes to see the Daily Sock Summit Field Updates.) Gigi and Jasmin talk about their favorite points of Portland and the Sock Summit. When we went to scope out the convention center on Wednesday, we got to meet Judy Becker! Friday, we did five interviews, then had dinner with a bunch of knitting (and weaving!) notables.

Saturday's meet-and-greet was super fun! (You can find Jasmin's Flickr stream here.) Afterwards, they had dinner with Gail and Susan from Abstract Fiber, and Abby and Ben!

Jasmin spreads rumors about future Sock Summits. (All unsubstantiated information, please take it with a grain of salt.)

People we met:

Sherrill, from the Belle of the Ball podcast
Deb Accuardi, from the At the Kitchen Table podcast
Lise, from the Knitting Rose podcast
Heather, from CraftLit

Jasmin talks about the kindness of knitters. (Especially in the Sanguine Gryphon booth.) Jasmin mentions being surprised at how popular their Bugga sock yarn is.

We express our love for Charlene Schurch and Sivia Harding, both of whom Jasmin wanted to put in her pocket and bring home with her. We gush about the Luminary Panel.

There was some knitting. Gigi worked on a vanilla sock out of Meilenweit Jacquard. Jasmin finished the second Black and Tan sock for Andrew.

Mother Knows Best: (26:17)

We encourage you to introduce yourself to everyone at these types of events.

When Knitting Attacks: (31:34)

We discuss Great Moments in Knitmore Social Gaffe history.

Review: (35:42)

This week, we review the Watercolors II sock yarn (color, "Steph's 'crapshoot'") from the Periwinkle Sheep. We both liked the grippiness of the yarn, the colors, and the nice hand the yarn has.


  1. Jasmin and Gigi!!! Thank you for reviewing my yarn. Thank you for the wonderful positive vibes. Danke danke danke.
    Can I use the address in your sidebar to send you a complimentary skein of Lucy's Hot Pink Hair? You know I wanted to give you one...

  2. Hey beautiful girls!

    It was so great seeing you again at SS09. Can't wait to hear the interview I "sat in" on. :)

    Sharon AKA Needlegrrl

  3. Hi Jasmin and Gigi-
    I just found your podcast this summer and have been enjoying every one. The podcast from Andrew and Gregory while you were at Sock Summit was a nice suprise, as was running into you at Sock Summit even though we only talked for a minute. You were right to encourage people to go up and introduce themselves. I wouldn't consider myself shy, but it was harder to do than I thought, even though everyone was so nice.
    I bought yarn at the Periwinkle sheep - you were right about the colors in the flourescent light. There were some I wish I had bought but didn't like the colors at the time. It probably would've been OK in the daylight.
    Thanks, too, for mentioning The Knitting Rose and the Big Texan. I am now listening to her podcast as well.
    Keep up the great podcasting. There are probably more lurkers out here listening without commenting.

  4. Listening to this episode as I upload my own latest. Yes, I AM behind ;->

    Wonderful job as always. I listened to you before I listened to anyone else's reports on the Sock Summit. Got to gte it from the source! I am so glad you got to go!
    Warm hugs,