Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sock Summit Field Update – Friday

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Greetings, readers! Like our Thursday, Friday was an early start for us as well. Our schedule for today included five interviews with knitting notables – which we’ll talk about in episode 66! While we were away, guest podcasters Andrew and Gregory took over hosting episode 65 and (in my opinion) did a FANTASTIC job! (Big thanks to them for hosting.)

Today was the Day of Beautiful Shawls. (We didn’t get the memo, but we did get pictures!)

(This one belongs to Charlene Schurch.)

Here is Sivia Harding, sporting her stunning Phoenix Rising shawl:


Look at this gorgeous edging!

Between interviews we had a little time to hit the marketplace, and I had to get a picture of the giant rotating umbrella swift that marked the Paradise Fibers booth.


Across the way from them, we had the chance to admire some of the new colors that Abstract Fiber has at the show, and WOW! We had to restrain ourselves.


But, the high point of the market was meeting Klaus Kronenberg from Crown Mountain Farms. We’ve chatted on the phone for the last two or three years, and it was so awesome to meet him, to put a face to the voice, and of course, to get my hands on the new colors of the superwash merino roving.


The day flew by, and our last interviewee of the day had requested a glass of merlot. Lisa trekked far and wide to find a couple of good bottles of wine, and it really hit the spot.


Clearly, there was both wine and knitting. We packed up our recording equipment, and headed down to go in search of more delicious local fare. As we walked, Sandi Wiseheart (of Knitting Daily) asked to pet my hair (which I agreed to) which led to dinner plans with both of our groups of folks. We had an adventure getting to dinner, but the walk – and the false start – were both well worth it.


Stanford’s Restaurant and Bar had incredible food, and we were fortunate to be eating dinner with likeminded people. For example, Syne Mitchell (host of WeaveCast) sat to my left and shared her delicious appetizer, and Sandi (who was sitting to my right) generously shared some life-changing mac and cheese. We all had a great time shooting the breeze, breaking bread, and basking in all of our common ground.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s update; we’re doing our meet and greet!


  1. Those shawls are spectacular and great capture of them. I just LOVE the Merlot pic!!!
    Thanks for the update so I can partake from far.

  2. Wow..the shawls are gorgeous! and Yummy yarn and fiber...

  3. It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you both.. and now, hearing about all of the continuing adventures!