Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knitworking - Episode 55 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week: Purlescence Yarns carries many of the yarns used in Cookie A’s “Sock Innovation” including Louet Gems, Mountain Colors Barefoot, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Colinette Jitterbug, and Dream in Color Smooshy. Worldwide shipping is available.

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Events: (00:28)
6/6/2009 - Spinning at the Retzlaff winery. (Take at least $5 in cash, folding chairs, sunscreen, a dish to share, cash/checks/credit cards.)
6/13/2009- World Wide Knit in Public Day. Jasmin will be at Santana Row (in San Jose), Gigi will be with the Fiber Collective in Los Angeles.
8/6-9/2009 - The Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon.

On the Needles: (4:38)

Gigi is working on the Riverbed sock (from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways in Knitting) in Abstract Fiber's Supersock (colorway: Lady Macbeth).

Jasmin is participating in the Brass Needles' Cabletini sock KAL. Jasmin is using Dream in Color Smooshy (in Midnight Derby) from her (someday) Tulip Baby Sweater kit.

Jasmin finished her Wool Peddler's Shawl. She put some Swarovski crystals in the edge to add a little glitter and weight to the shawl.

Jasmin is knitting a pair of Sunshine Socks (from Cookie A's Sock Innovation) out of Dream in Color Smooshy (in Into the Mystic). Jasmin has stated that the Sunshine socks will be the next Monkey. (Jasmin compares following a designer the way she follows authors. She talks about Vicki Lewis Thomspon's "Nerd" series.)

Gretchdragon was kind enough to give Jasmin a Mandala Lace shawl.

Mother Knows Best: (19:06)

Using your knitting to network and job-hunt. Jasmin talks about the Silicon Valley "Side door".

Gigi and Jasmin discuss some minor points of knitting/ networking / job hunting etiquette.

When Knitting Attacks: (30:36)

Gigi's sad, misshapen Coriolis socks got frogged. A knitting needle was collateral damage.

Jasmin talks about her Cabletini socks. She compares the beginning of the sock to the witches' feet (in the film, The Witches). They have been ripped out and re-started.

Jasmin talks about her Sunshine socks, and the changes she's made.

Bring it On: (43:36)

We discuss how to avoid knitting mistakes, and solve others.

1- Read all of the directions before you start knitting. Twice. (Jasmin is often defeated by "At the same time", "at each end".)
2- Swatch. Wash it.
3- Don't rip prematurely.

- When knitting lace, use lifelines.
- Make a photocopy of your pattern (for your personal use). Make notes in the margin. Keep it with your project.
- Keep all of the yarn for your project together.
- Jasmin mounts her charts on cardstock (Pound o' Paper)


  1. You're comments regarding having more experienced knitters help out made me laugh. In my knitting group, which sadly I have not been able to get to lately, there was one very experienced knitter and she received all of the big problems. Then she moved away. And even though I was new to the group, I became the problem solver. People would save up problems to have me solve them. Then when I couldn't come each week because of the kids commitments, they had to learn how to fix things on their own (which I had tried to teach them).

    It was flattering, but sometimes I just wanted to sit and knit on my stuff. But then I got over it and realized that I wasn't going to the group to knit, but to socialize and that was better. And how else will people learn? We don't really have a LYS nearby.

    Hmmm, and toes. When I see a pattern that ends with only 8 stitches on each needle for a toe, I have to change it. Who has pointy toes, I say?! Well apparently some people do! I think your advise regarding preventing problems by prereading patterns is wise. I always do my toes with 13-15 on each needle before the kitchener. I have square toes! Maybe I'm a witch!

    Knitting is like cooking to me. If I read a recipe and don't like a certain spice or ingredient, I substitute to fit my needs and likes. And just like you change your cuffs and stitch counts, as we get more experienced, we're able to adjust and modify to our needs. The first time I read a sock pattern that called for 72 stitches I freaked! 60 is my size and it took me a good 3 pairs of socks to get it right!

    Thanks for the show!

  2. I am right this minute listening to this episode. (I got behind listening to Pride and Prejudice on Craftlit!) I just wanted to tell you this. I am getting ready to fly to Seattle tomorrow to be with my husband as his father is dying. I was supposed to be flying today to San Francisco for a fun visit. As you could understand, I am sad and disappointed and just generally a bit down. Listening to you this morning was a tonic. A balm. Your positive attitudes are contagious and while in the past I have always come from your podcasts with a "can do" frame of mind, today it was even more powerful and just what I needed. Thank you for being who you are and for being willing to share that with us out here in "listening world." You have impact each week of which you are never made aware. You'll be "in my ears" on the plane across the continent.