Monday, May 5, 2008

TV to knit by - Knitmore Girls - Episode 4

J Regia Africa socks

Listen here:

This week, we talk about TV shows to knit by.

On the Needles:-Jasmin's Monkey sock, part deux-Fighting Sock Block

-Gigi works through the The Little Box of Socks

When Knitting Attacks:-Jasmin can't close a toe.

Mother Knows Best: Fighting Second Sock Sydrome

- Cast on both socks simultaneously.- Cast on Second sock as SOON as the first sock has been completed.

TV to knit by:
Garter St Shows- these need most of your attention on the screen:-Lost

-Boston Legal

-Dancing with the Stars


-Dexter (MA)-The Tudors (MA)

Ribbing shows- these shows need only partial attention to the screen:-Blood Ties

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Project Runway

-Top Chef ** (Drool advisory)-Dirty Jobs** (Drool advisory)-Bones


-BBC Robin Hood



Lace shows- you don't even need to look at the screen for these:-One Tree Hill


-Naked Archaeologist

-Desperate Housewives

-Grey's Anatomy

-Hell's Kitchen


  1. OK... I of course have no idea what you two are talking about 95% of the time. But awww... it's hilarious to hear the banter between you and your mother. Keep it up you two! Oooh, and thanks for the props at the end :-)

  2. What an original and appropriate topic for a podcast. I think we all do it (knit by TV's blue glow). One show I've learned not to knit to is Battlestar Gallactica. There are too many edge-of-your-seat moments.