Sunday, May 18, 2008

Socks and Stuff - Episode 6 - The Knitmore Girls

Even snowmen knit socks!
(Snowman is posing with my mystery sock.)

Listen here:

On the needles:

Lots of socks.

When Knitting Attacks:

  • Gigi realizes that there is not enough yardage in the Artyarns Supermerino worsted to knit them on itty bitty needles.
  • Jasmin is still Sock Blocked.

Mother knows best:

  • Swatch for your socks. Really.
  • Graft "Hand wash only" socks with red yarn. This is a visual cue to not just throw them in the wash. Also, differentiated labels (red font vs black font) are also quite effective.

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World Wide Knit in Public Day!
Saturday, June 14th. We'll be at Santana Row around 1 or 2 PM, knitting until (at least) 4 or 5 PM. Join us! (You may want to bring a chair.)

Plan ahead. Start your winter holiday knitting now! We know it's hot, but really, you'll thank us later.

The First Knitmore Girls Knit-a-Long!

The "Desirée Baby Sweater Knit-a-Long". Knit the baby sweater of your choice. Start soon! (We're putting together a Ravelry group, I promise.)


  1. Hi-
    Really like your podcast! Thanks for that! And since my sister is expecting a baby, I'm excited to join in the knitalong!

  2. Hi! I wanted to let you know that the ACC format you're using for the podcasts you upload doesn't play on most mp3 players (only on ipods, as far as I know). I'd love to listen to your podcast, and would suggest using the mp3 format, which is pretty much universal, so folks with different mp3 players (and those of us who don't want to have to sit in front of our computers to listen) can hear you guys. I've heard great things about your podcast, and would love to give it a try, but my player just can't read the mp4 format. :-)

  3. That is a terrific suggestion. I'll upload them as MP3 files to the site tonight, and push them live.

  4. What a great picture!!
    I really love listening to your podcast! I am looking forward to every new episode.

    From Germany