Monday, October 9, 2023

All Gas, no Brakes- Episode 731- The Knitmore Girls


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    On the Needles:(0:35)

    • unchecked

      Gigi: finished knitting Meadowlands blanket 6 in the colorway Gnome , crochet an edging 

    • unchecked

      Jasmin has FINISHED her Patons “Must Have Cardigan” in Malabrigo Rios “Bobby Blue”.

    • unchecked

      Gigi: cast on Meadowlands 7 :Electro: yellows , orange, to brown 

    • unchecked

      Jasmin’s Paton's Cabled Hoodie is working on sleeve 1, in Seismic Yarns “Citrine” Butter Sock Dk

    • uncheckedGigi: cast 

      on a sock for drag along knitting, working on foot 

    • unchecked

      Jasmin has swatched for her Arachne pullover, in Seismic Yarns Butter Sport in a yellow to orange gradient

    • unchecked

      Jasmin picked up her Halloween stripe cardigan again, in the leftovers from her Halloween Hearts pullover (in Oink Pigments Sock)

    • Knitting Club!

    Events :(17:55)

    • Rhinebeck - Saturday with the family, October 

    • Cognitive Fiber Retreat Nov 11, Jasmin is teaching a steeking workshop 

    Mother Knows Best

    • Keep learning! It makes your brain work better. (Brainstorm by Dan Siegel on audible) LINK!!

    • Adult Education , Rosetta Stone , Duolingo, Library,

    When knitting Attacks:(20:26)

    • Gigi: Instead of joining edges after I finished the 4th triangle of the Meadowlands blanket, I picked up stitches on the side and knitted both pieces together. Hated it. Doesn’t look as smooth, there are short floats that I don’t like on baby blankets 

    • Gigi: Also did the edging of Meadowlands in single crochet stitches. Not sure if I won or lost yarn chicken .

    • Meadowlands 7 Electra Yarn squeaks , feels crunchy in my hands

    • Jasmin: placed the steek on the shoulder seam of halloween stripe cardigan. Rrrrip.

    Knit more, know more :(34:14)

    A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

    Protests are ongoing. Still. Over a year.

    Deutsche Schule Tehran will be closed to Iranian students

    • NOBEL PRIZE WINNER!!!! Imprisoned Iranian Activist Narges Mohammadi (her book is White Torture)

    • Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi Until We Are Free 2003

    And Sew On:(41:22)

    Gigi: went to the Repair Cafe, and learned how to use a mending loom. Picked neon green and purple embroidery floss, couldn’t finish my project in class, checked out the loom to finish the weaving at home. 

    Repair cafe: intro to embroidery 

    Week 3: more embroidery, satin stitch, shading

    Stick on interfacing that one can run through a printer 

    J: Figured out a “hack” for the automatic button hole feature on Janome for extra large buttons

    Jasmin mentions Emery Sand

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