Sunday, June 18, 2023

A MultiSensory Delight- Episode 720- The Knitmore Girls

Next stop: New York Pride!   Pattern: Piñata by @portquoelio Fabric: sequin tulle and weird oil slick fabric from @joannefabrics   You can hear all about this project and all the others on The Knitmore Girls Podcast available on all of your favorite audio 

 Listen here:

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    On the needles :(0:35)

    • Gigi, knitting at Jasmin’s: striped socks for Andrew.  Finished!

    • Gigi: Meadowlands blanket 3.0 , Very potato chippy. Skein fell into pieces and is miserably tangled , got too much, so wound the yarn into two separate color balls 

    • Gigi: finished a striped preemie hat. 

    • Jasmin body is finished, fringe is in progress on her Piñata jacket by Quaylyn Stark. Fringe adventure!

    • Cast on a brown pair of socks for Andrew 

    • Jasmin’s Patons “Must Have Cardigan” in Malabrigo Rios “Bobby Blue” is making fast progress up the body.

    • Finished body of Meadowlands blanket 3.0, did zigzag crochet join, doing crochet border and : finished knitting 

    • Jasmin’s Patons Cabled Hoodie is nearly at the armholes, in Seismic Yarns “Citrine” Butter Sock Dk

    • Gigi :started Meadowlands 4. Pink over grey to white, two balls, reverse snd for stripes 


    Season 1 of Next in Fashion. 

    They are supposed to make a red carpet dress in two days, when it usually takes weeks 

    Stressful to watch, because it is too close to home 


    • Cognitive Fiber Retreat , November 10,11,12

    • J trip to Portland 6/10 was AMAAAZING, NY from 6/21-6/28 Play by christopher oscar peña How to make an American Son

    • Tour de Fleece July 1st -July 21

    Mother Knows Best:(41:28)

    When knitting attacks :(47:16)

    G: almost finished with Andrew’s brown sock. Heel area looks big and baggy. 

    Frogged back to heel flap 

    Roomba attacks:  Meadowlands 3,  Andrew’s striped socks:

    Knit more, know more:(51:19)

    A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

    And Sew on:(57:02) Jasmin's sewing

    Gigi: sewing with J & G. Having such a great time. Hand sewed the hem of the pants 

    • Looked at her wearing it. Noticed everything that I should have done better. 

    • Drag lines. Fussy fabric, delicate Shredded, unraveling 

    Tony Awards Red Carpet fashion

    Jasmin cut a fit and flare dress to go with her Piñata jacket

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