Monday, August 1, 2022

Finishing Spree- Episode 682- The Knitmore Girls

Behold, a swatch. 🌈 [pattern: Sea Glass Pullover in DK by Wool.And.Pine.Designs, Yarns: @SeismicYarns DK and @LadyDyeYarns Dk] 🌈 You can hear all about this project, and all the others on The Knitmore Girls Podcast, available on all of you 

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On the Needles: (0:42)

  • Gigi : socks for Andrew: new pair: green and purple 

  • Jasmin cast on a Musselburgh hat for autopilot knitting in Woolens & Nosh “Spectrum”

  • Gigi wove in ends on pairs of Andrew’s socks, and Genevieve’s 

  • Jasmin finished her Akimbo shawl by Stephen West in A Verb for Keeping Warm’s “Magic Bean” and “Jade”

  • Gigi :the Elton cardigan, super wash merino, from Neighborhood Fiber Co. rows take so long . Finished the bottom ribbing. Did tubular bind off.  Took the whole afternoon 

  • Jasmin finished her Ice Queen 

  • Jasmin picked up her spectral cowl from Area 51 (knit in a purple gradient from Cephalopod Yarns) and is nearly finished with it.

  • Jasmin is progressing on her Cashmere/Silk/beaded Curtain Call Cowl out of the UFO pile

  • Gigi: finished Meilenweit color tweed sock. Cast on the mate. Mate is finished,


Mother Knows Best:(20;33)

  • 3 year old logic

Knits in Space:(24:45)

Gigi :Listening to Jurassic Park on Audible. Absolutely love it!

Ursula Vernon: Danny Dragonbreath and Harriet the Invincible

Amber Ruffin :You'll Never Believe What Happened To Lacy
 Jasmin suggested Project Hail Mary
She mentions the Libby app

When Knitting Attacks:(36:33)

Gigi: half a row of mohair stitches slithered off the needles. Also lost a number of stitches mid row

Tubular, sewn bind off is a bear

Working on toe decreases for Andrew’s sock. Numbers aren’t right. I have not done enough decreases at the gusset. Need to rip back the foot 

On another sock, I neglected to add the inch of plain stockinette, before doing the heel flap 

Jasmin can’t count to 4


Moon and Turtle

And Sew On :(50:28)

8646:Vogue dress 

Jasmin set up the overlock stitch on the serger, Gigi attached bodice to skirt, dress is done!

Jasmin STARTED SEWING! A shirt for Rex. And we ordered PDF patterns to be printed from

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