Friday, May 6, 2022

Instant Gratification Stripes- Episode 671- The Knitmore Girls

  I saw @jmgknits’ XY scarf (by @mijocrochet) at #StitchesWest and it was love at first sight.  I found the perfect yarn for it while searching for The Missing Skein of Fuschia Ribbon; the 19th Amendment Kit from @LadyDyeYarns!  It’s absolutely potato chip

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On the Needles: (0:39)

Jasmin mentions the Ohlone Restaurant in the Berkeley area


Neighborhood Fiber Company Go Fund Me  update :LINK

$52,598 up to $53,654 this last week; raised of the $150,000.00 goal

  • Jasmin & Lady Dye Diane are co-hosting a KAL! The Sea Glass Pullover (in DK). Pushed back to late may!

  • Stash Dash! May-August

  • Carpet Beetle Gate 2022 (Here's the bug identification app Jasmin mentioned)

  • #MeMadeMay is coming up, Gigi is listening to Check your Thread, a sewing podcast by the lady who started MeMadeMay

  • STITCHES SoCal in Pasadena!

Mother Knows Best:(20:19)

Sometimes you just need a sounding board

When Knitting Attacks:(24:16)

Gigi overshoots length of sock leg by 1 ½”

Has not done a heel flap in such a long time, forgot the sequence 

Knits in Space:(29:57)

The Golden Thread 

How Fabric Changed History 

Bolt Threads in Emeryville, making synthetic spider silk out of sugar, water, salt, and yeast at a commercially viable scale 

4000 kinds of spider silk from different species 

Jasmin mentions Wildkratts

And Sew On:(34:36)

Tracing pattern for wrap dress Vogue 8646

Seam allowances discs from Zede’s studio. Sewing out loud 

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