Sunday, April 3, 2022

Knitting Rave- Episode 667- The Knitmore Girls Podcast


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Presented by Ancient Arts Yarn, Edmonton Fibre Frolic is Edmonton’s premier yarn and fibre festival. We connect fibre enthusiasts - makers, creators, teachers, learners – everyone sharing a love for all things fibre, yarn, and textiles. Join us May 28, 2022 and let us help you discover the wealth of luxury in your yarn habit. 

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organizers are at the ready to keep your hobby happy.

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On the Needles: (0:39)

Events: (18:28)

Mother Knows Best:(22:49)

Jasmin talks about the Altruism effect.

Altruism activates reward centers in the brain. Neurobiologists have found that when a person behaves altruistically, the pleasure centers of their brain become more active. Engaging in compassionate actions activates the areas of the brain associated with the reward system”


Community Project:

Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s production and community mission has outgrown its current location, and owner, Karida Collins decided to purchase a larger building in the Midway neighborhood of Baltimore. This new location offers more square footage, ADA compliant access for customers, and increased space for additional classes and workshops. The new space is under construction to bring its gas and electric utilities up to code, and improve ventilation systems so that Team NFC can more safely work with dye pigments (as well as decrease the risk of Covid infection). Once these critical renovations are completed, cosmetic construction can begin on retail store space, class spaces, and outdoor area.

The vision was always to have enough space so that Neighborhood Fiber Co. could not only expand their operations but also have the kind of facility that would work for projects and educational programs with Baltimore Youth Arts as well as other youth based organizations in the area. The problem is that since this project started (and Karida invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the new building) the costs of renovations has more than doubled.

Donations to this GoFundMe will go toward construction and labor costs to create a functional workspace and a welcoming creative hub in the Midway neighborhood. The sooner Neighborhood Fiber Co. can relocate, the sooner it can operate to its full potential and fulfill its community arts mission.

Here is the GoFundMe link:

Here is the full blog post from Benjamin Levisay:

When Knitting Attacks:(30:22)

Swatches snowball in the Arbitrary Knitting Rules madness of my mind


Knits in Space:(37:38)

Nowrooz History 

And Sew On: (42:49)

Need to find my joy in sewing again 

Planning my summer sewing 

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