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Hydra- Episode 611- The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(2:40)

Gigi's (RAVELRY LINK) Rocky Coast cardigan, is in time out.

Jasmin is nearly finished with the first sleeve of her Payne pullover by Helena Bristow. She's knitting it in Seismic Yarn’s “Llamas in Pajamas” colorway.

Gigi is working on the (RAVELRY LINK) Flickering shawl. She picked up stitches for the border 

Jasmin cast on the (RAVELRY LINK) September Morn pullover by Thea Colman in Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Studio Worsted in “Fair Fight.
Jasmin will put together a Reading list. (link to be added once she makes the list)
Gigi mentions Stitch Please

Gigi knit to the heel of the (RAVELRY LINK) Churfirsten socks (from the Operation Sock Drawer book

available at Hicklebee's) in Standing Ovulation from Oink Pigments 

Gigi is enjoying the (RAVELRY LINK) Excavation, a diagonal fringed scrap blanket

Jasmin is 2 ½”  inches of sleeve away from finishing Ainur Berkimbayeva’s test knit in Lisa Souza Pyrenees Sport in "Aubergine". 

Gigi pinned and basted zipper into Katje

Jasmin is going to cast on (RAVELRY LINK) a sockhead cowl for Genevieve.

Gigi cast on a Sockhead cowl in teal, from Little Red Bicycle 

Gigi finished knitting the socks for Andrew. 

She sewed up another tentacle on Opus the Octopus.

Jasmin is working on the Gramps cardigan for Sam

Gigi: cast on a pair of Xmas socks for herself, Socks on a plane, in Peppermint Stick from Oink

In Stitches:(18:51)

Jasmin wore her (RAVELRY LINK)Tied knots hat, (RAVELRY LINK) Cassidy cardigan, and her (RAVELRY LINK) Calligraphy Cardigan

Andrew has been wearing his handspun (RAVELRY LINK) Baseball Pullover, and cashmere (RAVELRY LINK) Andrew’s watch cap.

Genevieve has been wearing her (RAVELRY LINK) Coronation cardigan, and her greys/pinks (RAVELRY LINK) playful stripes cardigan

Gigi wore the (RAVELRY LINK) knitmore cowl and socks every day, and Cat Bordhi’s wristers

Gigi gifted some socks and shawls to her college roomie 


The Operation Sock Drawer book was published in October. Call Hicklebees for a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED copy.

#Grinchalong2020 is over. Packing prizes next week.

Stitches at home February 5-7, 2021

Stitches West 2021 has been canceled

Stitches West 2022 will be in Sacramento, March 3-6, 2022

Mother Knows Best:(26:06)

Dr Gemma talks about managing anxiety on CogKnitive

When Knitting Attacks: (52:43)

Churfirsten socks. Gigi started knitting, following instructions for the wrong size 

She was fighting with the edging on the Flickering shawl.

Rocky Coast cardigan sleeve is too tight.

She ripped out the Socks on a Plane and started it leg down 

The Marina cardigan has a hole.

Jasmin ran out of yarn.

Straw into Gold:(56:02)

Jasmin is 2 oz away from finishing spinning the CVM fleece. She is spinning it in an attenuated woolen CVM on her Majacraft Little Gem. Planning to spin for the  Monarch sweater.

Jasmin talks about the Monarch sweater.

Knits in Space:(58:23)

Via Kristy Glass Knits

Kelly Wearstler's MasterClass and a take away was “let your collections be part of your decor.”

So see your house as a living biopic, with lighting in the role of director (“Think about it as a way to guide the eye around a room,” she says), the palette playing the supporting cast of characters (“You need to keep in mind the way colors communicate with each other. There should be a natural dialogue”), and your passions and collections, of course, as the star.

And Sew On: (1:05:13)

Star Trek Discovery: President of Nivar gown 

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