Thursday, November 12, 2020

Schrödingers Parenting - Episode 602 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(0:38)

Gigi is knitting on the Pointed Firs shawl out of smokey grey, it promises to be luxurious and warm.

Jasmin is on the last stripe on her Match and Move shawl. (by Martina Behm #behmalong); knitting it in Black Cat Fibers Nomad Sock

Gigi dug out some sock yarn and started knitting the (RAVELRY LINK)  Sashay socks from the Operation Sock Drawer book at Hicklebee's   She is knitting them parallel, and has two pattern repeats done

Gigi is enjoying the (RAVELRY LINK) Excavation, a diagonal fringed scrap blanket out of leftover sock yarn. She absolutely loves this.

Gigi is knitting a pair of (RAVELRY LINK) Jelly Roll socks, out of leftover yarn from the Xmas socks.  She needs labels for the socks.

Gigi finished working on her second (RAVELRY LINK) Treppenviertel

Jasmin is nearly finished with (RAVELRY LINK) her Autumn pullover by Jennifer Wood in LolaBean Yarn Co  Garbanzo Bean worsted in “Fuzzy Navel”

Link for Sock Labels

Jasmin mentions Papersource, and describes this stamp that inspired the address labels she had printed at Sterling Labels 

In Stitches:(15:27)

Jasmin wore the Cardizen and her new Windschief hat, the hat from Liam (aka the Westport Waves Hat

And the brand new Jurek sweater.

Genevieve wore her Baby bandit, and the (RAVELRY LINK) colorblock sweater

Gigi wore the (RAVELRY LINK) knitmore cowl and a Knitmore 2.0 cowl and one of the new nightshirts. 

And socks out of yarn with silk content and sparkly socks.


The Operation Sock Drawer book has been published in October. Call Hicklebees for a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED copy.

 Lucy Neatby is closing her website by the end of the year, so she can focus on teaching and designing 


Mother Knows Best:(25:34)

It's heating pad season! Also, microfleece sheets.

When Knitting Attacks: (35:08)

Gigi dropped a stitch on the (RAVELRY LINK) Pointed Firs. and didn’t notice until a few rows later. She couldn’t find her Wanda toolso I used a fine crochet hook to fix it.  This would usually show on a stockinette, but isn’t noticeable in garterstitch 

Jasmin’s iPad battery died, along with her KnitCompanion charts

Knits in Space:(41:14)

Listening to Stitch Please.  She was talking about making fabric swatches 

And Sew On: (50:45) 

Gigi is taking a virtual tailoring class at Cañada college.

She cut the interfacing for the coat. She cut the fashion fabric, used white chalk paper to mark. Dritz Wax Free Tracing Paper

Tomorrow, she wants to iron on interfacing, and do all the stay stitching. Friday , she wants to start sewing. 

Gigi wants to re -take French Pattern Drafting at Cañada College

Jasmin does so much hand sewing. 


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