Monday, November 25, 2019

Chicken Dossier - Episode 559 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:32)
Jasmin FINISHED her Polwarth pullover
Jasmin has finished both fronts and the back on the Jedi cardigan .
Gigi was working on a baby wrap cardigan out of Hue Loco for the True North Hearts and Hands donation.
Body is done. Started a sleeves  Started a pink Wee Envelope. Left sleeve is done 
Jasmin is at the toe on her on her  White Birch Fiber Arts socks in "A Study in Peach, Mint".
Gigi  worked on the  Regia Pairfect   All socks are done, need ends woven in.
Regia Kidperfect: these could have been 3 pairs. Lucy Neatby’s garter short row heel.  

Jasmin cast on Genevieve’s Christmas Sweater (Oliver Sweater) out of Onyx Fiber Arts DK.

Gigi: Also Patons Kroy: Vanilla is the new black sock
Gigi wove in ends for a languishing sock. White, gray, blues color stripes in Kroy 
Gigi started the last ball of yarn for the polygon blanket 
We will be collecting hats (locally) for refugees in New England:

Maine Access Immigrant Network
237 Oxford St., Suite 25A
Portland, ME 04101

Events: (15:28)
- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. 
-#MyRhineBIPOCSweater (need a catchy hashtag)
- #BIPOCMAL2019 Sep-Nov
-Stitches West Feb 20 -23
- True North Hearts and Hands donations:
-We will take a break from podcasting from January until March.
If you have suggestions for what to bring for the Podcast Tune-Up, let us know!

In Stitches (17:51)
Jasmin wore her Tangled Yoke cardigan (Talullah cardigan), Mischief managed sockhead cowl,
Gigi is wearing her A-line skirt from the beginning clothing construction class
Nightshirts with modesty panel. Night cap, Knitmore cowl

Mother Knows Best:(21:41)
This week we answer a question from the “What do you want to hear about?” thread about 
getting kids engaged in crafts. Jasmin mentions the Cricket loom

When Knitting Attacks: (29:11)
Gigi: hadn’t worked on the polygon blanket for so long, forgot what I needed to do.  Didn’t
read the pattern. Had to tink the second row because it needs to be purled 
Jasmin- messed up the garter stitch cardigan three different ways. Jasmin miscounted when setting up
the jacquard floats on Genevieve’s Christmas sweater.
Gigi made mistakes on her Wee envelope

Straw into Gold: (34:58)
Took bad wool and Louet Victoria to preschool for simple machine special project.

And Sew On:(45:44)
In Gigi’s sewing class at Cañada College, muslin for the bodice.  Gigi made a new , clean bodice muslin 
Couture Embellishments class at West Valley College continues. 
Assignment said to make lace. Gigi is working on drawn thread work.

Midterm assignment: I put Tulle over the design and basted lines with yellow thread. Used tailors chalk to
copy lines onto jeans, opened side seam so I have room to work . Next step is couching the
crochet cotton lines onto the denim. 

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