Friday, February 15, 2019

Biggest Event of the Year - Episode 520 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:33)
Gigi is knitting the Poza cowl by Ysolda, out of Floating from A Verb For Keeping Warm.
Listening to their Reverberate podcast, They mention Sally Fox.

Jasmin has finished the back and started the front of  her Aumangea pullover by ArohaKnits
(check the link for a discount code from Frenchie!).

Gigi is knitting Hogwarts house colors from MustStashYarn for Genevieve.

First sock is bound off, started the second one

Gigi This year she  has Non-Euclidian heel socks on the needles, working on three different pairs,
Cherry Pop Stripes, "Rainbow Stripes" and "Purple Haze".

Gigi is knitting another Rocky Coast cardigan. She put Stitch markers after every 6 stitch pattern repeat

Events: (12:54)

In Stitches:(17:04)
- Jasmin: wool socks, looped loop cowl, Goin Gold Hat, Mondo Cable Cardigan
- Gigi : Quynn hat with ear flaps, Knitmore cowl, wool socks, Romi Hill shawlette,
-Andrew: Cashmere Andrew’s Watch Caps,

Mother Knows Best:(19:36)
Fixing mistakes. @burkehousecrafts, Knitter’s Pride.

We mention Sivia Harding's repair class, Hunter Hammersen's decorative repair and Franklin Habit's
embroidery on  knitwear class.

When Knitting Attacks:(37:48)

Gigi: has frogged another Rocky Coast cardigan. Modification for the front

And Sew On:(40:49)
Gigi is trying to sew or do something sewing related every day. Building routines to make time for sewing.
Sewing one seam per night on the Ribbi Cardi.seams are done.  Sewing in ribbon for Genevieve’s
School: draping muslin.  Next: front and back skirt.  Did the sleeve according to directions.  
Sewed the elbow dart wrong, sewed the seam inside out, and the sleeve doesn’t fit right into the armhole.
Blocking the muslin was challenging.

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