Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fish or Cut Bait - Episode 380 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:52)

Jasmin gave an update for  #stashdash2016, #teamcuteknitter .

Gigi is gloating over how she is killing it at Stash Dash. She has bound off the Trouvaille. The Peppermint Mocha socks are done, the Fancy Zebra cowl is bound off, and a pair of Opal vanilla socks are done. Petra, knitted years ago, that had lost the bind off row, was bound off, and the Odelia is being finished. (CORRECTION: I [Gigi] referred to it as the Ophelia. My bad.)

Jasmin has been working on the Spock sweater, and is about an inch away from the sleeves. The Welcome to the Flock is getting close to steeking, but unplying yarn and knitting it with fewer plies did not work.

Jasmin mentions the Anna Zilborg Buttonhole, or Ysolda Teague's one row buttonhole.

Gigi has knitted a preemie hat every day for her personal crazy: One a Day in May

Jasmin has picked up the Coronation cardigan again.

Gigi also bound off the Viajante #Behmalong. Jasmin is thinking of blocking and talking about the Beyond Clean Fibre Wash. .

Jasmin is making progress on her Fancy Zebra cowl #zebralong. And she is excited about wearing her Three Color Cashmere cowl when it gets cold again.


Gigi will be attending Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery, with Dr. Gemma.


Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.

Gigi mentions Susan B. Anderson's new pattern Sheep!, which are absolutely charming.

#elizalong, #projectsweaterchest, the purpose is to knit a chest full of sweaters for yourself.

 Mother Knows Best:(21:52)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread in the forum
about knitting preemie hats. C.C Almon has a pattern.

And we try answering a question about knitting retreats.
We mention Camp KIP, the Cogknitive Retreat, Paula from the Knitting Pipelines, SSK hosted by the Knit Girllls, the Twin Set Camp, the retreat at Asilomar

When Knitting Attacks:(29:01)

Jasmin was knitting the Coronation cardigan and color work and decreases didn't fall in the right spot, so she had to pull out six rows of color work.

Gigi has been swatching for the Copperplate and her swatches are not on target.


This week we really like the Un-KAL from the Twin Set Design podcast.
Gigi will pull out her Ann Norling sweater, a skirt she started, an she will knit a skirt out of the Knit my Skirt book. Also, she will frog part of her Waters Edge. Also she will frog her "Where is the Opaque?" and maybe knit it in a larger size.


This week we review Unexpected Cables, by Heather Zopetti 

Straw Into Gold:(49:35)

Jasmin has made a bit of progress on her teal fiber from the Black Sheep Gathering.

And Sew On:(50:15)

Gigi has been working on her sloper.  She needed to mark darts, notches an lines, and needed to use dressmakers carbon paper and a tracing wheel.  She usually work with a disappearing marker.

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