Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Sock that Knits Itself - Episode 368 - The Knitmore Girls


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We'd like you to meet two very special yarns, Lily and Lotus!  Both yarns are a luscious blend of yak, merino, and silk. They are naturally a light grey color, quite lovely as they are, but we just can't stop ourselves from putting lots of bright color on top. Overdyeing the grey mutes our brights just a little, making them richer and oh, so wearable. Lily is a worsted weight 4-ply with a very round structure that makes cables and textures pop. Lily's little sister Lotus is fingering weight with a tight twist. Perfect for socks, scarves, sweaters, or anything. Get Lily and Lotus at

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On The Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin has almost finished the 3 color cashmere cowl. She is very excited about wearing it. Gigi seems to be on a sock knitting kick, she has started a new pair of Vanilla socks out of Opal, and finished two pairs and worn them.  She also has cast on another pair.

Jasmin did some surgery on her Striped Cowl, and picked up stitches and is making it eight inches longer.

Gigi is working on more socks. Also, she has mostly bound off her 1000 Tulips shawl.
Jasmin is working on her circular sock machine hybrid socks, out of Voolenwine's Footsie base.
This is the NZAK Quick Knitter. She is winding yarn on cones for smooth knitting. And she is very pleased with the hand of this yarn.

Gigi is still working on the beaded mesh part of the Viajante.  It is coming along slowly.

Congratulations to CommuterJen, on the birth of her twin daughters.

Gigi has been listening to the Knit Girllls and other podcasters about this being the year of learning a new skill. She is thinking about maybe learning to do colorwork. Double Knitting? Fair Isle?

Jasmin is evangelical about blocking knits, and thinks the difference of blocked vs unblocked is noticeable.

In Stitches:(17:40)

Gigi has worn some wool socks.

Jasmin wore her yellow hat, and the Rainbow Dots Cowl

Genevieve wore her  Elsa sweater. and Elsa hat, the Little Oak Cardiganduck sweater, and the Ophelia Addams (misattributed as Wednesday Addams) hat and wristers. (No pictures, sorry)

Rex uses his Love blanket


We have a new prize: Super Happy Fun Yarn in the Lilt base from Black Trillium Fibre Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.

Mother Knows Best:(21:22)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread in the forum
about what to do with handmade things that have been outgrown.

When Knitting Attacks:(29:39)

Jasmin did not pay attention to the ribbing on the cowl and managed to mess up a k1p1 ribbing.
She also had a sock machine knitting attack.

Gigi knitted the waste yarn for the heel backwards into the sock, and left it in, and when she came back to pick up  the stitches, found it incredibly easy to pick up stitches. So she declared that she unvented an easier way to pick up stitches.


This week we purloin "Shenanigans", from "The Fat Squirrel Speaks" and share woes of the water heater.

Jasmin also mentions that Prairie Girls Knit and Spin always cheer her up.


This week we review New Directions in Sock Knitting, by Ann Budd. We mention the lovely Anne Berk, of AnneTarsia.

And Sew On:(46:06)

Gigi did a spot of mending, fixing a loop on a neck tie.


  1. Gigi, you should try weaving as your new craft. I just started and I love it. I hear you can weave beads in too

  2. Gigi, If you want a cool project for double knitting, check out this reversible vest:

    I plan to knit one in time for next fall. Can't wait to have it! It was designed by a local Michigan designer. Honestly, the pictures on projects don't do it justice. I've seen several of them out in the wild, and the sample in the Woven Art yarn shop in East Lansing, Michigan, and they are all gorgeous!

  3. Regarding getting a small enough sock on your CSM - if you carry along a thread of stretchy lycra you can get a much small diameter sock. In fact, depending on how you thread the lycra with the yarn, you can knit a sock to fit a child but which will stretch to fit the foot as it grows. This woman sells three colors of lycra: