Thursday, February 11, 2016

Director's Cut - Stephen West - The Knitmore Girls


Listen here:


This Director's Cut is brought to you without commercial interruption by Abstract Fiber, the best place to buy the most beautiful yarn and fibers ever.

Stephen is charming, funny, and as intensely unique as his designs. He also has a killer work ethic. "More is more, and less is a bore."

Things mentioned during this interview:

Stephen and Steven tour
Dotted Rays shawl
Askews Me dress
Stephen's yarn shop, Stephen and Penelope
CocoKnits "Slap Bracelet" (Knitter's Keep)
StevenBE's shop
Rekjavik Jump (video)
Legally Blonde, the "Grab and toss" (aka, "the Bend and Snap")
The Kickstarter to fund the reality show
YOTH Yarns

Stephen can be found as westknits on Instagram, as westknits on Twitter, here on Facebook, as westknits on Ravelry. You can find his teaching schedule here.

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