Thursday, February 12, 2015

Odd Couple - Episode 320 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:34)

We have some good news with a One Minute Health Update.

Gigi has soaked and dried the pile of preemie hats that she had knitted.
Jasmin hasn't had time to do a lot of knitting, but she has made a bit of progress on her Whizzpopper shawl, by Laura Linneman and she is enjoying it a lot. She mentions the  Opus the Octopus Kit from Infinite Twist.

Jasmin dislikes bamboo needles and has put this shawl on Chiagoo needles. She has ordered more yarn to finish the Barberry Cardigan (for Genevieve) out of Abstract Fiber Calder (in the "Saffron" colorway). #matchymatchyKAL #projectsweaterchest. She is wondering what kind of collar to put it, and Jasmin is thinking about Chic Knit patterns.

Gigi is supposed to finish the last bit of the  Water's Edge out of Abstract Fiber's Rothko for herself, and the  Mini Water's Edge out of Abstract Fiber's Calder #matchymatchyKAL for Genevieve, and seems to have ennui when it comes to finishing the last bit.

We are expecting Maria from Subway Knits, and very excited about it.

Gigi has started on her Trouvaille kit, by Leslie Thompson from the Knit Girllls podcast, instead of finishing almost done items, and is having fun with it. The hand spun that comes in the kit has a lot of body to it. She should knit more with hand spun.

Gigi has swatched for the new kit 1000 Tulips from Martina Behm's Strickmich! Club. 
She has finished knitting a pair of  Genevieve's tube socks, with a toe which is a variation on a toe from Sock Architecture.

In Stitches:(20:20)

Gigi has worn her Sweet Tomato heel socks, the Piers and Waves socks, and her Hitchhiker.
Jasmin has worn her Seneca, her Looped Loop cowl, Genevieve has worn her Playful Stripes cardigan, and her Elmo scarf.


2/19-2/22/2015: Stitches West! We will be collecting preemie hats there.
     - Meet and greet! Saturday 2/21 from 11:30-1 (or until we're done) in the Purlescence Yarns booth 

 We are toying with the idea of going to Black Sheep, and we remembered that we will go to
Fleeces, Food and Fun at the Retzlaff Winery. TBA


We mention that the do some good contest has concluded, and we talk about some other contests that we have going.

Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.


We are co-hosting the Countdown to Outlander Knitalong on instagram,  #countdowntooutlander, #kiltmenowKAL. This has to be creatively related to the Outlander series.  Getting help from pocket Jamie is encouraged.

This is an instagram contest, so please make sure to use the appropriate hashtags.

This is being co-hosted by Maria from Subway Knits, CC from Geeky Girls Knit, and Kristin from YarnGasm.

Prizes for this contest are two braids of fiber and two skeins of yarn from Gourmet Stash in the colorways "Time Traveler" and "Waterweed".

New prize: A skein of yarn from Katie's Creations (Mint Rain), Scottish Highland colorway in the Tough Sock base, in a very springy Highland green color.

Jasmin says that tOutlander Season 1, Volume 1 is now available on Amazon
Jasmin mentions the Outlander readalong thread in the forum . Gigi has read the German translation Feuer Und Stein (German Edition), and says that the English version seems better. She is happy to hear that there is a new German translator.
Mother Knows Best:(29:43)

This week we answer questions out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about 
how to choose buttons for garments.

Jasmin mentions her Twist cardigan.
We mention The Button Emporium and Mood.
Gigi mentions Dorset Buttons, buttons made out of yarn, and Jasmin is wondering what suggestions our listeners will put in the forum thread.

When Knitting Attacks:(36:45)

Gigi had yarn left over from her  "Je suis prest", from Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh, which lives in her tartan bag from the Caithness Craft Collective, and decided to knit socks for Genevieve. She  forgot to knit the socks for her in ribbing instead of stockinette. Jasmin mentions Genevieve's tube socks patterns.


This week we review Knockout Knits, by Laura Nelkin

Jasmin suggests looking at Laura Nelkin's other patterns, too, on Ravelry.

Jasmin mentions Laura, the Joy of Cooking Fairy.

Straw Into Gold:(45:49)

Gigi has filled a bobbin, trying to break in her Matchless. Jasmin mentions the Comprehensive Spinning class that the knitting group took from Sandi (of Purlescence fame).
Also, she has been spinning on her Turkish Delight, plying what she had spun.

Jasmin has gotten bored with spinning natural colored fiber and is working on a braid of Purl up and Dye, from Purlescence which looks like a spring sky. She is thinking of spinning up yarn to refill her sock drawer.

And Sew On:(50:34)

Gigi has been sewing an Olaf night gown, Butterick Patterns B4910, and all that remains to be done is to attach the bottom ruffle and and a decorative bow.


  1. I will probably never make socks out of my own handspun but how about "sheep to sock"...

  2. Gigi mentioned a house cozy - what is that? It sounds like something I would like to knit.