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Yarn Hygiene - Episode 269 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:36)

This Episode we have a guest: the fabulous Sasha Torres of the Spin Doctor podcast.

Sasha is working on the Simple Things shawlette by Mary-Heather Cogar that she dyed herself at the Stained Finger Dye Camp, hosted by Kim McBrian from Indigo Dragonfly. Gigi has blocked the Leafwise shawl, designed by Sivia Harding. Sasha is also knitting socks for her husband out of Abstract Fiber in the color Koi Pond.

Jasmin mentions her Boneyard shawl. Jasmin is finishing her second Dark Side of the Moon socks by Fab Funky Fibres.sock. Also, she washed her  15 Color Rainbow socks from  FabFunkyFibres, Tis socks, and Sgt Pepper, and they game out of the washer dryer just as vibrant.

She is also thrilled about the socks she is knitting out of Hardtwist by Lisa Souza in Blue Flame.  She is thrilled about the design of the SPAKAL sweater, even if the yarn is too dark to knit at night.


2/20-23: Stitches West 2014.
The Meet-and-Greet is scheduled from 11:30 to 12:30 on Saturday the 20th in The Purlescence Yarns booth (Booths 804, 806, 808, 903, 905, & 907).

Prizes for the #PodcasterThrowdown:

- A lovely skein of Lollipop Yarn in the colorway Sweet Child o' Mine.
- A skein from Great Lakes Hand Dyed. #themapples
- Sivia Harding's Sister Joan Shawl, knit by Gigi
- From FabFunkyFibres: a skein of 15 color rainbow merino/cashmere/nylon
- A $100 gift certificate to Namaste
- Jasmin's handspun:
  • In the Air Tonight, superwash, 328yds, Crown Mountain Farms
  • Violet Cherry, Pidgeonroof Studios, 402 Superwash BFL (187) 374 yds
  • Atlantis Superwash Merino, Crown Mountain Farms, 500 yds  
  • $100 gift certificate from Namaste.
You can follow this on twitter and instagram using #podcasterthrowdown.
There will be a little something special for anyone who brings a hat for Halos to Stitches West, and bonus swag for preemie hats.

Gigi will be running a free workshop for sewing labels into Knitmore-Along shawls and garments. (Demo area 2, 1:30PM, Sunday 2/23)

Details about getting labels mailed to you (from us) to be announced after Stitches.

Also, if our team wins, we will have a drawing to give the podcaster fashion show tickets to a listener who donated a hat.

Watch out for the 20% off everything Barmaids coupon in our swag bags.

We mention our List of Stitches West Tips, and the Tracking Expenses Printout.

In Stitches:(16:41)

Sasha wore the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf out of Manos Yarn.

As soon as Gigi has blocked it, younger brother Sam will be wearing the Color Affection that Gigi has knit for him. Jasmin mentions Allison Jepson Hyde, author of  Wrapped in Comfort.

Gigi mentions that she wants to knit the Color Affection shawl out of KidSilk Haze. Jasmin suggests that she consider Superior cashmere silk blend for this project.

Jasmin wore her Citron out of Abstract Fiber Supersock in the Knitmore colorway.

Genevieve wore her Squirrel sweater. Jasmin washed the sweater in Soak. She mentions Zorbeez, and Tiny Tots cloth diapers. Genevieve also wore her Playful Stripes sweater, and Jasmin mentions Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf.

 Gigi mentions her Rocky Coast cardigan. 

Jasmin talks enthusiastically about drying her sweaters on the OXO Sweater Dryer. She mentions Handworks blocking wires, and Knitters' Blocks blocking mats, which are sold through Cocoknits.

Mother Knows Best:(28:58)

This week we answer questions from the "What to you want to hear about?" thread, about various fiber content in yarns, and how to wash socks.

We mention Regia and Trekking, and Smooshy sock yarn. Jasmin mentions Judith Mackenzie McCuin.  #operationsockdrawer


This week we purloin "Chai" from "The Knit Knit Cafe", hosted byAbbyknitz
Gigi talks about her visit to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. It is accessible through public transit.


This week we review.Classic Knits (Marianne Isager Collection)

We mention Tess Ribbon, and Brooklyn Tweed (Jared Flood) photography.

When Knitting Attacks:(57:05)

Sasha was attacked by the moth eaten yarn of a friend.

Gigi dropped a stitch on her TEFKAKO, the Dr Watson sweater, and had the hardest time figuring out what had gone wrong. 

Ravellenic Update:(1:05:12)

Gigi is worried that she  wont reach her TEFKAKO goal in time. Jasmin  is working hard on SPAKAL sweater.

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