Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Toesiest of Toes - Episode 262 - The Knitmore Girls


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This week's episode is sponsored by:
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On The Needles:(0:38)

Jasmin has made progress on her  We Need a Little Christmas sock from Lollipop Yarn for #operationsockdrawer. Gigi is knitting her 'Tis socks by Invictus Yarns toe up.

Jasmin is knitting on the Pinky Promise by Lollipop Yarn socks, and on the Dark Side of the Moon socks, out of FabFunkyFibres.
She also decided to try and finish Andrew's Baseball Jersey from Knits Men Want, and is doing undercover Christmas knitting on it.

#podcasterthrowdown: Jasmin talked to Cascade Yarns, and they offered to cover shipping for the hats from the Santa Clara Convention Center to various cancer centers.

Jasmin has cast on the "Measure of Love" hat for the throwdown, in Cascade Yarns Cash Vero.

Also, Cascade Yarns is supporting our Head to Toe Project, where we knit preemie hats out of sock yarn for our local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

We are working on putting a book together with patterns that our listeners contributed for a preemie hat contest a while ago.

Prizes for the #PodcasterThrowdown:

A lovely skein of Lollipop Yarn in the colorway Sweet Child o' Mine.
A skein from Great Lakes Hand Dyed. #themapples
Sivia Harding's Sister Joan Shawl, knit by Gigi
From FabFunkyFibres: a skein of 15 color rainbow merino/cashmere/nylon
Jasmin's handspun:
  • In the Air Tonight, superwash, 328yds, Crown Mountain Farms
  • Violet Cherry, Pidgeonroof Studios, 402 Superwash BFL (187) 374 yds
  • Atlantis 402 Superwash Merino, Crown Mountain Farms, 500 yds
You can follow this on twitter and instagram using #podcasterthrowdown.
There will be a little something special for anyone who brings a hat for Halos to Stitches West, and bonus swag for preemie hats.

Gigi is working on her "Mostly Warmness" mitts. #Behm-along. German word for the day: Krippenspiel.


2/20-23: Stitches West 2014.

We also mention the annual Purlescence Singalong.


We talk about our Annual Do Some More Good Contest, which launched on Thanksgiving.
Do some GREATER good on a local, national or global level!
We mention some of our favorite Do Some More Good Entries.

Jasmin announces prizes:
Lolobar trio
Erin Lane Bucket bag
Namaste Harlow Bag

In Stitches:(20:02)

Gigi has been wearing socks and the Knitmore Cowl, and the Serpentine cowl, based on the Serpentine mitts by Miriam Felton.

Jasmin has been wearing her Seneca, her Looped Loop cowl. Genevieve has been wearing her Gramps cardigan, her Love blanket (photo linked above), her Molly hat, a woven gingham scarf and the Abby cowl.

Mother Knows Best:(24:28)

We answer a question about backing buttons, and one about blocking swatches.

When Knitting Attacks:(31:05)

Gigi frogged most of the Lorelei, and is now knitting happily on it. Jasmin's pattern for the Baseball Jersey sweater went missing, with the notes she had taken on it. Gigi ran out of yarn on the bind-off row of her Hitchhiker.

Jasmin forgot how to knit toes on socks. Gigi couldn't figure out what she had done wrong on her ninth repeat of the pattern of the Leafwise. So she frogged it. 


This week we are purloining the 2013 recap of the Commuter Knitter's projects. We like the idea so much that we are going to keep tallies throughout the year. Or look it up in Ravelry.


This week we are reviewing Op-Art Socks, by Stephanie van der Linden

Ravellenic Training:(48:27)

Pick the pattern/project you want to knit/crochet/spin.
Join Team Sasquatch.

Holidays with the Knitmores:(49:46)

Jasmin mentions her favorite places to find recipes:
America's Test Kitchen, and The Smitten Kitchen Website, and has wishlistedThe Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Jasmin's tip for the holidays: take your list, cut it in half, then cut it in half again. Then find something tasty to drink.

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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