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In a House with a Mouse - Episode 246 - The Knitmore Girls


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She travels….extensively. At times by wheels, sometimes by wing, other times by wave. She  travels while she sits and knits, creativity driving. Creativity inspired by mountain travel, memories, textures and color, small towns, 5th Avenues and spring flowers. She travels…..light. Light as the wind. With her backpack  she is prepared to hike mountain passes, climb the north face, and forge those rivers.  Next week, she will grab her Zucca on wheels and brave airport security flying to the next big city. One thing remains constant. She always travels with a Lo-Lo Body Bar. She knows while hiking, she won’t be bugged, and while in the city, dry skin doesn’t have a chance.
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On The Needles: (0:30)

Gigi has finished one of the four Spice Man socks she has on the needles. Jasmin is working on the Dryad out of 20/20 Silk by Redfish Dyeworks for her Summer of Lace and Beads, on Hiya Hiya Sharps.

Gigi is working on the Lorelei, but the  beads are on the very last repeat. Jasmin is enjoying the 15 color rainbow socks, and wants to make sure the heel is perfect.

Gigi is working on the Leafwise. Jasmin is working on Stephen West's Akimbo for the Chelsea's Light Foundation, out of Verb for Keeping Warm's Metamorphosis.

Gigi has finished the leg of her first Crocus Vernus Sock, out of the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, Volume I .

Jasmin mentions her Mondo Cable Cardi, that she knitted out of Miro by Abstract Fiber. She also knit a Mini Mondo for Genevieve and installed a zipper. Gigi knitted two more Preemie hats.

We mention the Knotty Girls Podcast and Benjamin Levisay and the Fiber Hooligan Podcast, and the Podcaster Throwdown for Halos of Hope.( Cap Guidelines here). Purlescence Yarns is a collection location.

Each hat donated towards Team Knitmore will get an entry for a prize drawing, including a beaded shawl knit by Gigi. More prizes to be announced. #podcasterthrowdown.  Marly Bird has offered discounts for the Gerri hat and the Sous Chef hat, coupon code HALO.

Also we talk about incentives for preemie hat donations.

We decided that we need a Behm-along.  We mention the Hitchhiker, Brickless, and the Leftie, which is a wonderful use for precious bits of handspun. There will be a 10% discount for her patterns, code KnitmoreBehm, September 10th - October 10th. The Behm-a-long starts September 21!


The  Famous Last Words Contest will wrap up by Thanksgiving.

Mother Knows Best:(23:38)

This week we are talking about how to put a zipper into a knitted garment. Jasmin mentions her Mariah and, and Hancock Fabrics.


This week we are purloining "Confessions" from the Savvy Girls Podcast. We mention Gourmet Stash and Dr Gemma.


This week we are reviewing Tiny Treads by Joeli Caparco.

Straw Into Gold:(45:18)

Gigi is working on some alpaca that was a gift from Dr Gemma and is finding the slick fiber challenging to spin. Jasmin is spinning cormo on her Turkish Delight drop spindle, and she found Gigi's Lark.

We had a wonderful time at the Monterey County Fair Wool Auction. This was Sue Reuser's last year at the auction.We mention Shari from Morro Fleece Works.

Jasmin heard that Abby Franquemont judged the fleeces this year.

And Sew On:(51:52)

Gigi has finished sewing the squares for the Grey and Purple Quilt. She has laid out the top and is sewing rows together. Also she needs to get longer rods for her Flynn Quilt Frame from the hardware store.

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