Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Summer of Lace and Beads - Episode 233 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:33)
Jasmin is working on the sleeve of her Eadon. Gigi has finished the second of her Chrysanthemum socks, out of The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet. Count: six done, fourteen still to go.
Jasmin is almost to the third color of her Boneyard shawl. Gigi has decided to join the Down Cellar Studio's June sock-knitalog.  Jasmin may join it.
Jasmin is working on her Calligraphy cardigan. Jasmin has unearthed the Roxbury Pond shawl out of Area 51.
Gigi is waxing poetic about Sivia Harding's new cowl and wristers, the Lorelei and declaring that she will knit it next.

Mother Knows Best:(12:28)

This week we are answering a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread on the forum.  The question is about dealing with the depression era mentality in today's consumer-driven society.

When Knitting Attacks:(22:31)

Gigi's Color Affection had a mistakes ten rows back. Jasmin had to tink back on her Boneyard, because she had flown past the purl row.
Jasmin has pulled the Baseball Jersey (from Knits Men Want) out of Area 51, but the instructions have gone missing. Also, Jasmin mangled a cable turn on her Eadon.


This week we are purloining the Rearview Mirror from the Commuter Knitter podcast, hosted by Jen. We mention Thai Silks. Jasmin mentions Sea Silk used for the Pearls of Wisdom Stole and the Print of the Wave. Also she knitted the Lily of the Valley stole from Lace Style, out of Malabrigo lace. Jasmin declares this "The summer of Lace and Beads"


This week we review two Namaste bags: the Harlowe bag and the Devin wristlet

Straw Into Gold:(46:37)

Tour de Fleece: 6/29/2013 until 7/21/2013
It is Tour de Fleece Training Time!
If you choose to join Team Sasquatch, you have three assignments this week:
1. Pick a Project
2. Weigh out your fiber/ Weigh and wash your fleece
3. Spin one ounce to test your wheel and fiber
If you are a video-caster or podcaster, and would like to be a captain on Team Sasquatch, contact Jasmin for a team captain access to the group.


  1. Question for Mother knows best! I was beginning the new project/knitalong, goldilocks. The pattern is written in a way everybody seems to love. For me it was a really tough one to figure out. so in the midst of struggling with the pattern, my ball of lite fingering weight Lorna's Laces (LOVE) came apart and got so convoluted and tangled that I had to finally cut and throw away! GASP! I know. How do you keep yarn from doing that? It was in three distinct clumpy things, one coming out of the other. I really tried to unravel the mess. I could never even find the other free end.

    Mother help me.

  2. Goldilocks is a really cute toddler pattern. Check it out!

  3. You asked if anyone had a ball winder they loved and I have a fabulous ball winder that I absolutely LOVE. It's made by the Strauch Fiber Equipment Co.
    It's a beautiful piece of American made knitting hardware.
    It's a joy to use, makes perfect cakes of yarn and is lovely to look at. It wasn't inexpensive but each and everytime I use it I am happy that I spent the money on it as I'm sure it will last my lifetime and beyond.

  4. The bees knees are covered with pollen - yellow orange!