Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take back your purls - Episode 219 - The Knitmore Girls

Yoked cardigan by @hannahfettig: body, done.
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On The Needles:(0:32)

Jasmin made some progress on her Breezy cardigan. Gigi worked on one of her socks from The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, and also on a Vanilla sock out of Opal for Dad Knitmore.

Jasmin bound of the body of the Yoked cardigan for Genevieve. She is now working on the button band, and is thinking of knitting a coordinating cardigan for herself.

We reminisce about the fun we had at Stitches. We spent time with Sasha, The Spin Doctor. We mention Specialties Sandwiches. We took a class with Lily Chin, Short Rows for Bust Darts, and highly recommend it.

We mention Psycho Donuts and the class we took with Spinning for Lace Knitting, with Galina.


On May 25th we will be attending spinning at the Retzlaff Winery

In Stitches:(15:15)

Gigi wore her Cassidy, her Katarina, her Carli and her Best Friend Jacket. Genevieve and Jasmin wore their matching Mondo Cable cardis, and their matching Yoked cardigans. Genevieve wore her Monster pants.

Mother Knows Best:(17:01)

This week we are doing our Best of Stitches:
Gigi attended the fashion show.
- Maggiknits designs were outstanding. Purlescence had entered garments woven on a loom.
- Anzula Yarns- floral colors.
- Cephalopodyarns  (Jasmin wants to knit the Little Oak cardigan out of their yarn)
- Miss Babs- Color Affection kits.
- Twisted Light candles from the Barmaids
- Pawley Studios Yarn Bowls and mugs
Erin Lane Bags
- Elizabeth Doherty
- Carolina Homespun.
- Namaste.
- Cocoknits

- Constellations shawl (Celestarium)

When Knitting Attacks:(30:51)

This week we are attacked by our budgets, and Gigi lost track, and bought more than she originally had planned.

Straw Into Gold:(36:06)

Jasmin plied two skeins of Gigi's SPAKAL sweater. We talk about the class we took from Galina, who wrote the Orenburg Lace books. Amazing class! Also, Jasmin mentions the interview we did with her a few years ago.

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