Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aaargh! - Episode 196 - The Knitmore Girls


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Hoisting the Main Sail (On the Needles):(0:55)

This week Gigi has finished the second (fourth) sleeve of her Featherweight Cardigan, and is working on the neckband.  Jasmin is getting close to finishing the third sleeve of Andrew's Baseball Jersey. Gigi has numbered her Sister Joan Shawl chart and is making amazing tracks.

Jasmin is making some progress on her Daybreak. We are wondering about pirate lessons from Knit Knickers Nick (the pirate), from the Knit Wits Podcast.  Gigi swatched for the Bundi Cardigan.  Jasmin needs to swatch for a sweater for Genevieve. We are sharing weird dreams and Jasmin mentions White Collar, and Gigi has a dream triggered by What you Missed in History Class.

Captain's Orders (Mother Knows Best):(7:32)

Gigi talks about stolen moments, and maximizing what  little time there is. We also offer the term "Whackamole" vs: "Full in full out". Please weigh in.

Walk the Plank (When Knitting Attacks):(11:33)

 Jasmin has been working on the shoulders of the Baseball Jersey and finds that she has more raglan shaping ahead of her.  Gigi has decided that to avert all kinds of mishaps, she needs to read the pattern every time before she starts knitting.

Pillage (Purloined):(13:57)

This week we are pillaging the "Mindless Knitting" segment from the Fiber and Fabric podcast, hosted by Glen. We talk about good stuff making you feel good. Jasmin anticipates wearing her SPAKAL sweater, and Gigi's Cassidy Sweater makes her happy.

Through the Spyglass (Review):(20:15)

We review The Coastal Kids collection (companion patterns to Coastal Knits), 60 More Quick Baby Knits, and Mom & Me Knits

At the Helm (Straw into Gold):(34:48)

Jasmin skeined and set the fiber she spun during the Tour de Fleece. She references Shanon Oakey's book Spin to Knit, and Tyvek wristbands. She is working on her Hansen Mini Spinner, and her Sidekick spinning wheel.

Patching the Sail (And sew on):(38:00)

Jasmin is serging nightshirts on her Baby Lock Evolution, and Gigi is happy with the results that spray starch give her hand sewing

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