Monday, August 20, 2012

Area 51 - Episode 192 - The Knitmore Girls


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Purlescence Yarns is thrilled to welcome Ava T. Coleman and Donna Druchunas for a very special event. Stories & Stitches will introduce a new line of historical lace designs, featuring the work of Anna Marie Jensen and Dorothy Reade, pioneers in the world of published lace patterns. Ava and Donna will present the work of these remarkable women and the stories that go with them, including 6 lace designs for a sampler.
Ava & Donna are frequent contributors to Piecework, Knitting Traditions, Crochet Traditions, Spin-Off, and other publications. They are leaders in the field of historical textile scholarship & preservation. Stories & Stitches will be at Purlescence Yarns on September 22, 2012 from 10am – 4:30pm, the cost is $120. Registration is limited; please call 408-735-9276  to reserve your place in the class.
"The Sheep Shop is a welcoming yarn shop in the historic university town of Cambridge, England, only 50 miles from London.  You'll find fabulous touchy-feely yarns, including a fine selection of local and British yarns, cashmere, angora, llama, a variety of wools and other bundles of wonder alongside what you need to knit & crochet.  We think choosing what you’re going to make and feel between your fingers is one of life’s pleasures, and we want to make it a pleasure for you to find what you need.  Make yourself comfy on our sofa, there’s a Ravelry station and coffee on tap.  Making beautiful things brings enormous satisfaction – let us satisfy you!"

On The Needles:(0:32)

Gigi has joined the sleeves to her Mishke. Jasmin is working on one of the sleeves of the Baseball Jersey. Gigi has gotten to the bottom ribbing of the Featherweight cardigan.  Jasmin is also working on the Breezy cardigan.  We talk about the SPAKAL.  She mentions the Sunrise cardigan.
Gigi is also working on the Sister Joan shawl. Gigi did embroidery with silk ribbon.


 September 3rd, we are planning to attend the Monterey Wool Auction, at the Monterey County Fairground
 We mention our Directors Cut about how to pick a good fleece. And there are tips on how to navigate a wool auction.

Mother Knows Best:(13:45)

We talk about preventing mishaps by keeping blood sugar levels up. Jasmin mentions the Baby lock Evolution Serger.


This week we purloin the segment: Whatcha Got Cooking, from The Foodie Knitter podcast, hosted by Lynn Munson.
We also mention Rachel Ray's Comfort Food cookbook .  Gigi is making yogurt in the sun tea maker.


This week we review Shape+Form, by Cookie A.

And Sew On:(30:21)

Jasmin has been sewing lots of baby blankets. Also, sleep gowns from McCall's pattern 8574


  1. Many thanks for the new episode! I love your podcast very much! :-)

    The Sheep Shop link doesn't work.

    Many greetings from Germany!

  2. Another great episode, with lots of fun topics. I have similar blood sugar issues and know what a struggle it can be. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  3. Jasmin, can you provide the link for the nursing top pattern you were talking about? I'm very interested!! Thanks!! Keep up the great podcasting girls!