Monday, November 14, 2011

Knitting up a tsunami - Episode 169 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(00:37)

Gigi is working on a neck warmer using the Pieman pattern out of Cascade 220 Superwash.  She is working on the Katriel and making very slow progress.  Also: Vanilla socks out of Meilenweit Fantasy.

Jasmin finished Logan's Sweater using the grosgrain ribbon tutorial.  She is making good progress on Andrew's sweater.  She has borrowed a minispinner, and also got some Try on Tubing that she likes a lot.  Alana Dakos  of Never Not Knitting, who co-authored Coastal Knits, gave birth to a baby boy.  You can congratulate her here.


We are planning to attend Stitches West 2/23-26 in February.
-No official Meet-and-Greet, but do come and say hi!
-We will have Preemie hat collection points (to be announced)
-Still looking for a signal for shy listeners


We have launched our annual Do Some Good Contest, and we picked some amazing prizes:
- a set of three Lolo Bars: CC clove, Little Pumpkin, and Figgy
- a signed copy of Coastal Knits
- one year subscription to Knitter's Magazine
- a set of Knitter's Blocks
- as of this week: one copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home, and Wishes and Stitches

Mother Knows Best:( 22:09)

We answered the question:  How do you change patterns from a flat knitted piece to something that can be knitted in the round?  We mentioned knitter's graph paper.

When Knitting Attacks:(26:30)

Gigi couldn't get the right gauge to knit the Kaanteinen, and is worried about getting math-sprain.


This week we review 60 Quick Baby Knits.  The porcupine blanket triggered a reference to Jasmin's Blog, where she wrote about the Opossum that came into the house a while ago.

And Sew On:(35:43)

Gigi was having a hard time starting to sew.  She finally  got started and sewed a Onesie, that still needs to have snaps attached.  We mentioned a grommet attaching device.

Straw Into Gold:(39:45)

Jasmin has spun some extra yarn for Andrew's sweater and is thinking to make a smaller version for Sharkbean using the Elizabeth Zimmerman percentage method.
Gigi is spinning merino processed by Morro Fleece Works, and getting good pointers from Jasmin.  Jasmin mentioned Judith MacKenzie's comprehensive spinning class. 
Jasmin answered a listener question about how deal with joining plies when spinning.


  1. Enjoyed the latest episode as usual, but alas my ears hurt. You may want to listen to the proper pronunciation of antimacssar.

  2. The press you are needing is called a snap press. They are used in diaper making and there is now something comparable called snap pliers and they're much less expensive. I have the big press for diaper making and I like it but it's so bulky and heavy. I wish I had waited for the pliers! Here's a link to the pliers on amazon: