Monday, October 17, 2011

Jazz hands - Episode 165 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles: (0:33)

Gigi is working on yet another preemie hat, she has finished the knitting part of the Petra, but it still needs to be finished and photographed.  And she managed a few more rows on the Sothia.

Jasmin is working on her mini garter stitch cardigan for baby Sharkbean.  She is also working on a miniature version of the Mondo Cable Cardi out of Miro, by Abstract Fiber.  She has blocked the cardigan for Baby Logan, and is planning to do the grosgrain ribbon herself. Also, the baby Wrap Cardigan needs I-cord and two seams sewn.

 Last Thursday, Gigi went to Pacific International Quilt Fest, enjoyed looking at the quilts, but did not find any treasures she had to have. We also attended the wedding of Ms. Kalendar of the Brass Needles podcast and it was a splendid affair. Congratulate her here on her forum.

Mother Knows Best: ( 11:06)

We answered the question "Where do you find inspiration?" Some sources include:

Pinterest was discussed, Gigi heard about it from greentrianglegirl, host of the A Playful Day podcast. Gigi also gets inspired by tv and movies, quilt stores.  She was lamenting the missed opportunity to visit Brightex Farbics and Jasmin consoled her with the promise of a trip to Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz.

When Knitting Attacks: (18:46)

Jasmin was nearly attacked by her knitting near 11pm,  but had the sense to put down her knitting and carefully back away from it, and so foiled the attack that would have been imminent.

Review: ( 22:38)

Coastal Knits by Alana Dacos and Hanna Fettig.  You can find the information on the blog tour here.  We had an e-copy to review.

The visual presentation is amazing, Jasmin wants to knit just about everything in the book and wanted to go rummage through her stash on the spot to pull yarn for all the projects she wants to start from this book.  Great range of sizes.  One of the sweaters reminded her of the Lucy sweater from Rachel Herron's How to Knit a Heart back Home.  Go run out and buy the book right now.

Straw into Gold: (34:51)

Jasmin is still working on spinning yarn for Andrew's sweater, and while it was fun to spin she is ready to start knitting.  Jasmin answered the question,"What do you do to become a better spinner?"


  1. I'm not sure why, but I have having intermittent problems listening to your podcast! It saddens me! The last podcast I was able to click on the link and get it, but this episode the play button just goes grey. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi girls!

    I nearly laughed outloud today listening to your podcasxt (and I think it's the first one of yours that I've listened to!). When you asked "where do you get inspiration?" my answer was "books, like that new Coastal Knits book I just bought" and lo and behold you felt the same way about it as I did! I also fell in love with the designs in Coastal Knits, even though many of them are out of my skill level at the moment. I was even more impressed that the book was self-published, the photography was all done by Hannah and Alana, and the models were their babysitters! What inspiration, and it's such a huge hit. And Jasmin, you and Alana have something in common - you're both expecting!

    Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast and will keep listening!

  3. Where do I get inspiration. Broadly, what so inspires me to knit in general is seeing all these accessories and sweaters in high-end department stores that are imitations of the latest designs and trends of knitters! I once had a sales associate, dressed to the nines, complement me on a sweater I was wearing and when I told her it was handknit, she commented that she thought so, because if it were manufactured, they would have to "dumb down" the design, which had an intricate cable motif in the center. More particularly, I am inspired by my local yarn shops, which always have knit up samples that send me right to the cash register with pattern and yarn in hand! :) Laura

  4. I am having the same problem as Ashley above... I can't listen to this podcast or the current one, although the others work fine for me.