Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Sheep 2011 Recap - Episode 158 - The Knitmore Girls


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Black Sheep Gathering recap:

We announced the winners of the Three Bites Contest.

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Wednesday: (00:29)
Drive to Oregon with Laura, The Joy of Cooking Fairy.
Dinner at Marche.

Thursday:  (12:35)

Breakfast at Off the Waffle, who offer regular, vegan, and gluten free waffle options.  Browsing at Tsunami Books.   Home away from home at the Courtesy Inn.  We played "How many podcasters can you stuff into a little hotel room?". Dinner at Poppi's Anatolia, who had an amazing, allergen coded menu.

 Friday: (18:51)

Breakfast at Off the Waffle.  We attended the annual fleece judging, sadly not done by Judith MacKenzie McCuin  this year.  The judge was very charming, but he was more concerned with not hurting anyone's feeling than with an objective verdict.  So he said everything was nice, even tender fleeces, that were not nice, and really not suitable for handspinning.  And not worth $20/lb.  Jasmin talked about what a good judging should look like.

Meet and Greet at the Abstract Fiber Booth was a lot of fun, and we got to meet a lot of old and new listeners.  Lunch at the fairgrounds.  We ran into Sasha and Mr. Spin Doctor.
Second Meet and Greet at the Barmaids Booth.  Afterwards, Jasmin sat and spun, I was misbehaving while Jasmin was not keeping a close eye on me.

Dinner at the Pizza Research Institute was lovely, interesting and had unexpected ingredients.  The fancy jalapeno poppers were very tasty.  And the two piece band was totally unexpected, and surprisingly good. 

Saturday: (37:24)

Breakfast at Off the Waffle. Hanging out with sheep and goats at the fairgrounds.  Visiting with George from Skaska Designs, and Klaus from Crown Mountain Farms, who had a ton of new, delicious colors. We stood in line to secure our spot for the fleece viewing and buying, which gets rather competitive.  Jasmin and company scored a number of outstanding fleeces.  While in line we met the awesome Sultana, who spins sweater quantities of yarn on her drop spindle. 

Lunch at the fairgrounds.  The ravelry meet up was very short, they gave away prizes for the bingo, but there was not a whole lot of meeting. Dinner at Marche.  Food was outstanding, as was the company.


Breakfast at Studio One Cafe.  Lots of interesting movie memorabilia and satisfying food.  Last minute yarn purchases from Huckleberry's. Laura and I picked sparkly yarn, Jasmin bought yarn because of the cool, Battle Star Galactica name.  And she the bought the uncented Plain Jane LoLo Bar, so she won't smell delicious in yoga class.

We picked up some frozen waffles from Off the Waffle to take home and have later.

We think that the Black Sheep Gathering has wonderful stuff, interesting critters, and Eugene has the most amazing food.

Knitmore Girls Podcast reached a million downloads.  Yeay!

Tour de Fleece training:

Find your spinning support group.

Thanks for listening!  Leave glowing reviews for the podcasts you like.  See you in September!


  1. I can't imagine awarding a ribbon (and thus charging "Ribbon" prices) on a tender fleece! It's dishonest! Then again, those who pay $30/lb for a ribbon-ed fleece without inspecting it..."Caveat Emptor".

    I test fleeces by "snapping" the locks next to my ear. It should "ping" and not "crackle" or physically snap apart. Yolk can also cause tenderness, but not -always-. JMM's "Spinner's Toolbox" has a good example of this.

  2. Happy holidays girls. You so deserve a break. Missing you already. X

  3. Loved the episode, especially the rundown on the fiber show, what fun, sorry to hear about the crummy fleece judging though... Have a great summer, your show will be greatly missed!

  4. Hi Jasmin and Gigi, thanks so much for such entertaining podcast. I have tuned in for every episode since I found you 2 months ago. Have a nice break and look forward to your come back episode at the end of August!

  5. There are many free couch to 5k podcasts on itunes. I really like the one from the British NHS.

  6. Dear Jasmin and Gigi, I hope that you can enjoy the summer and rest and have a good time with your families and friends!
    Thanks so much for every single episode! You provide so much fun and information....what a pity that I am over in Germany and can't come to one of your Meet and Greets!Or try one of the mouthwatering dishes you always describe in such detail!

    Many greetings

  7. Dear Jasmin and Gigi,
    I will miss your shows so much. You guys work so hard to put on an excellent show. Have an excellent time off. Can't wait to hear what you will be talking about after September. Karen

  8. Have the shownotes been posted for this episode? I can't find them.

    Have a wonderful summer break!! I love your podcast :)

  9. Perhaps the reason Yarngasm hasn't done any podcasts recently is that she just got married, I think.

    Love your Podcasts. They have enabled me to get through 5 days with my inlaws AND sanding and painting walls. Thank you for the sanity.

  10. I am looking for the show notes too. I want to get the list of Podcasts they listed on their last podcasts. Going to miss you for the summer, but it is a much deserved break for the two of you. Have fun and enjoy your summer! Look forward to listening to you in the fall.


  11. Oh how I miss you! You really deserve a wonderful summer off, so I shan't be too selfish, but I must tell you that my workouts at the gym are very lonely these days!
    Enjoy your summer and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return in September!


  12. Loved the podcast this week, thanks!

  13. Miss you! Hope you will return really soon, my knitting is lonely without you!