Monday, January 24, 2011

Feel the cashmere - Episode 136- The Knitmore Girls

(This is my Sweater Swap 2010 trade with Meghan)

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On the Needles: (00:37)

Gigi talks about her birthday celebration, including Jasmin's blog post. We were joined by loads of friends, including Alison Hyde, author of "Wrapped in Comfort" who brought her incredible chocolate torte. We mention Sweet Pea's (in Los Gatos) for crepes.

Gigi feels behind on her one sock per week goal. Jasmin has finally cast on her Mariah cardigan, out of the Jade Sapphire 6ply cashmere in "Bougainvillea" during the Social Pressure Experiment. We mention A Very Knit Shop in Los Gatos.

Gigi talks about knitting the Olive Heather Skirt from Knitting 24/7 and the decorative and interesting decreases. Jasmin has cast on her Elemental Pullover (also from Knitting 24/7) out of Grignasco cashmere in navy blue (color 829, lot 28261), which she is a ball or two short on. Help a knitter out?

Jasmin has started reading Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann. We mention the Knitting Pipeline podcast with Paula, and the Elizabeth Zimmermann read-a-long thread in the Knitting Pipeline group. Here is the link to the EZ Read-a-long thread in our Ravelry group.

TV Knit sightings! Lily Chin on Top Chef ("We're gonna need a bigger boat")! Also, Patrick Jane (The Mentalist, episode "Bloodhounds" season 3, episode 12) can recognize a knitter by their finished objects.

We mention the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project.

Events: (24:00)
- February 17-20: Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA.
- Meet and greets:
- Friday, 12-1 pm: Purlescence Yarns booth
- Saturday, 12-1 pm: Abstract Fiber booth
Bring a preemie cap to donate, get something special.
- April 6-9: Camp KIP!

Mother knows best: (28:15)

We answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about Fair Isle, floats, and steeking. We mention the Philosopher's Wool book (Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified) and their video. We also mention their Color Your Own sweater, which is their intro to Fair Isle sweater.

When Knitting Attacks: (33:33)

Gigi's seemingly simple socks attack. Jasmin gets swept up in the cashmere and mistwists some cables on her Mariah.

Review: (36:34)

In honor of Rachel (from the KnitCents podcast) and her new niece, this week we review Babies & Toddlers- a Knitter's dozen. There is a fantastic range of techniques and interesting and fun patterns for kids. We like it; check it out! Some of our favorites:

Mrs. Beetle
Mr. Bumble
Children at Play
Mexicali Baby Olé
4-Tam Pram Set

Straw into Gold: (45:05)

Jasmin hasn't spun this week. So, we answer questions!

Question 1: What do I sit on when I spin?
Digested answer: I either sit on a chair (from our kitchen) or a drum throne.

Question 2: How do I divide up a 4oz bump for a 3-ply yarn?
Digested answer: 38 gram segments, which the plastic Schacht bobbins can comfortably hold.

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  1. I keep thinking of commenting when you mention the plastic bobbins and then forget - for larger amounts of singles have you ever tried using a weaver's spool instead of the bobbins?

    Like here:

    I like them for larger projects since you can wind a full 4 oz on them in most cases and they fit perfectly into an Ashford kate (they're about the same size as an ashfort bobbin)

    Great episode! I'm off to check out the Fair isle links...