Sunday, May 2, 2010

MDS&W recap - Episode 99 - The Knitmore Girls

tired llama

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Have you tried Tencel? Abstract Fiber has merino/ Tencel blend yarn and fibers. With warm weather coming, Tencel blends are just right. They're cooler than pure wool and have a smooth sleek surface. MightySock makes a great warp yarn for lightweight woven scarves perfect for spring days and cool summer evenings. The drape of Tencel shows lace off beautifully. Check to puchase merino/tencel blends online or for a list of stores near you.

Happy May from the Purlescence Purl Girls! Around here we knit sweaters all year round, but we know that some of your knitting habits may change in the warmer months. We're delighted to bring you summery knits, too! Check out Chic Knits' Ribby Shell, ChicKami, & and Nicole patterns, all quick knits just perfect for summer wear. We've got lots of yarns to choose from, too, like Tahki Stacy Charles new Cotton Classic Lite and Cascade Yarns' Ultra Pima. Knit your way to a spectacular summer!

Think Outside the SOX , the latest from XRX Books, features over 60 winning designs from the Knitter’s Magazine contest. This ultimate sock book highlights many design processes, innovative constructions and updates on traditional techniques and just plain beautiful socks. Extensive charts and diagrams, illustrated explanations, and detailed photographs all round out this how-to for everything socks. There’s no better time to be a sock knitter! You can find us on the web at or call 800-232-5648.

Show notes will be posted by 5/8.


  1. Thanks to both of you - and to the other podcasters - who braved the heat and the crowds at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year! It was such a pleasure to meet both of you and to get a chance to chat with you! You were very kind to allow me to take your picture and you were so gracious to everyone who met and spoke with you!
    I have enjoyed your podcasts for a while now and will continue to enjoy them even more!
    Don't know if you've been to Sheep and Wool before, but May in "Merlin" is not usually this hot!
    (Just saying - in case you're thinking you might not want to come again, LOL!)
    Thanks again for coming! We were so thrilled you could make it!
    Joan G a/k/a FSK

  2. You ALL rock! What an amazing group! Here is a link to photos of the goodie bag assembly line and a nice podcaster photo op:
    Link text

  3. I hope you do come back next year too! It was such a pleasure to meet you both, and the other podcasters as well. I love listening to both of you!
    Just remember next year to beat the crowd!

    Joan H (StampingJoan aka Binkyman99

  4. Being a hometown Baltimore gal, I loved hearing all the lovely words you had about my city! Baltimore is definitely a quirky and inspiring little place.

    And MDSW was an amazing weekend, indeed!