Monday, March 14, 2011

Three bites - Episode 143 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the needles: (00:40)

Gigi is knitting on a pair of vanilla socks with an afterthought heel. Jasmin is working on the hood of her Mariah Cardigan. Gigi has cast on a Petra cardigan out of Dream in Color GroovyMeghan's Twist cardigan. We have drinks with a listener, and Jasmin wears her Cece for the first time. Gigi has swatched for her Cece out of SWTC Bamboo on a set of the KnitPicks Zephyr needles.

Katrina the Intern was at a robotics competition this last weekend! She is on the Janksters, through First Robotics. Come out and support Katrina!
(color: Purple Rain). Chloe set in the sleeves on 

Events: (9:44)- April 6-9: Camp KIP! (Check the site for the updates.)
- June 5th: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering. We're staying at the Courtesy Inn in Eugene, OR.

Contest: (12:35)

We announce the Mom 'N' Me contest! We want your stories about crafting with friends/family. Please have your entries in by 5/8/2011. Jasmin tells a story about the Knitmore Dad, hats, and scarves.

Mother Knows Best: (20:25)

Gigi explains the "three bites" rule.

When knitting attacks: (24:55)

The hood of Jasmin's Mariah cardigan attacks Jasmin. Count frequently.

Review: (27:05)

This week, we review 
Knitting in the Details by Louisa Harding. We think it's a nice book, but that too much attention is paid to rehashes of basic patterns and not enough attention paid to embellishment techniques.

... And sew on: (35:49)

Gigi opens up the new segment by sharing her background. Gigi mentions learning to sew from Burda magazine. We talk about edging linen, pre-washing.

Straw into Gold: (46:55)

Jasmin is almost finished spinning the singles for the body of Andrew's sweater. Jasmin recommends the SpinDoctor Podcast and the Wool Breeds challenge. Jasmin recommends a Cricket loom for your "three bites" of weaving. We also LOVE WeaveCast with Syne Mitchell. Jasmin mentions that she's looking for a Schacht Mighty Wolf loom.

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  1. Glad you are both feeling better! I love to sew too, as well as knit, spin, etc. so it was fun to hear about your forays into that area. I've often serged my woven yardage into a tube before washing it, then 'unzipped' the seam when ready to cut. Thanks for another fun episode. :)