Monday, March 7, 2011

Ausgeleiert - Episode 142 - The Knitmore Girls

Romney rambouillet

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On the Needles: (00:36)

Thanks to Laura for stunt-hosting in Gigi's absence. You can find Laura's blog here.

Gigi has been working on vanilla socks. Jasmin is working on the hood of her Mariah cardigan. Jasmin is going to set in the sleeves and finish Meghan's Sweater Swap 2010 sweater before she starts something new. Gigi has hit her January sock goal, she has also finished her BFF socks. Gigi gave Miss Kalendar (from the Brass Needles podcast) the January socks.

Jasmin's Elemental Pullover is making good progress. Jasmin mentions the blog post about LittleJ's Harry Potter scarf. Gigi was going to re-enforce the buttonhole side of her buttonband, but ran out of steam.

Events: (20:13)

- April 6-9: Camp KIP! (Check the site for the updates.)
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering

Mother Knows Best: (25:03)

This week, we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about repairing lace - and if there is a way to fix it without frogging back to the lifeline.

When Knitting Attacks: (32:04)

Jasmin talks about losing faith in charts.

Review: (35:44)

We review Around the World in Knitted Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden. Great variety of techniques, interesting snippets, lovely photos. Not a must-buy, but definitely give it a look through.

We also mention Fancy Feet by Anna Zilboorg.

Straw into Gold: (46:15)

Jasmin is 4 oz away from finishing the spinning on the body of Andrew's sweater. The fleece for the sleeves is currently missing in action. We talk about joining/re-joining singles when plying.


  1. As a fiber freak AND a track and field nerd (I may be the only one of my kind) I feel compelled to point out that the track and field thing is the USATF National Champs. Eugene has a huge track history associated with the U of Oregon, the founding of Nike, etc.

    Anyway, a track meet plus a fiber festival sounds like a perfect storm of awesome to me. If I was not (possibly literally) having a baby that weekend I would so be there. I hope the track geeks don't take all the hotel rooms, though.

    Great episode as always!



  2. What will the spinning and weaving podcast be called?

    I hope Gigi is better soon, I can relate to the back pain!

  3. I couldn't find any link to the waffles -- would love to try them if you could direct me to them.

  4. Image search Missoni knit and maybe you'll understand better why that sock design was for Italy - tradition.

  5. Sorry, didn't mean tradition, meant to say fashion. Some of designer Missoni vintage stuff looks very similar to those socks.