Monday, March 21, 2011

Hailing - Episode 144 - The Knitmore Girls

purple rain- woolen

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On the Needles: (00:35)

Gigi has got a pile of Vanilla socks on the needles. Jasmin is finishing the hood on her Mariah cardigan. Gigi has knit the first ball of yarn for her Petra cardigan. Jasmin is SO close to finishing Meghan's Twist cardigan. Gigi has finished the last bit of her Cassidy, and mentions her favorite silk pins. Jasmin worked on her bulky teal Looped Loop cowl at "Paul". (Jasmin recommends the movie.) Jasmin is working on the second "Cake" sock for Andrew.

Jasmin mentions the raffle tickets for Sue (you can read about it here, and enter to win here), and the Japan Tsunami relief pattern thread here.

Events: (19:36)
- April 6-9: Camp KIP! (Check the site for the updates.)
- June 5th: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering. We're staying at the Courtesy Inn in Eugene, OR.

Contest: (21:03)
We announce the Mom 'N' Me contest! We want your stories about crafting with friends/family. Please have your entries in by 5/8/2011. Gigi tells an "I was the worst Mom ever" crafting story.

Mother Knows Best: (26:50)

We encourage you to use social media for answers and advice. We mention following us on Twitter, and Google Reader for reading blogs.

When Knitting Attacks: (35:39)

Jasmin can't get the buttonholes right on Meghan's Twist cardigan. Jasmin tries the Tulip buttonhole from Knitting Daily.

Review: (42:55)

This week, we review the Never Not Knitting pattern collection by Alana Dakos. We LOVE her patterns!

Patterns we mention:
Shawl Collared Cowl
Cedar Leaf Shawlette
Cloudy Day Beret
Autumn Vines Beret
Watermelon cardigan
Very Cherry dress
Spring Garden Tee- adult and kid

Straw into Gold: (55:03)

Jasmin has finished spinning the singles for the body of Andrew's sweater, and will start spinning the singles for the sleeves. Jasmin makes an on-air request to help you destash your floor loom.

The rainbow tweed wrap is finished; it was a first project. Jasmin has started a 3x4 gingham for Andrew on the Cricket. One unnamed Red co-host has told Jasmin to hurry up and finish the scarf on the Cricket so that she can weave herself a scarf out of Artfibers Kyoto on it.


  1. Babies wear headbands because it's so cute! My niece has hair, but my sister likes to put hats, headbands and basically any hair accessory she can on her.

  2. I like the sewing segment you have added. Gigi is so knowledgeable and I am getting interested in sewing and would enjoy listening to this every week.

  3. Love the show! Minor correction about when your head stops growing. I work at a company that makes helmets, and our info shows that kids' heads stop growing around age 13.

    Loved the story about making Jasmin wear the shirt that she "helped" with. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Great show! Love you gals. Are Jasmin's Cricket weaving FO's pictured anywhere? I'd love to see them.

  5. I agree with Rach- a little girl in a headband is totally ADORABLE. The birds and the bees is actually my favorite Alana pattern. :-)

    Google reader is fabulous- you're going to enjoy it. If you have friends who also use google reader, it's also a nice way to share articles and blog posts with one another and comment on them together.

  6. My daughter wore headbands as a baby. She was bald and I thought they were cute and made her look like a girl.

    Thank you for a great podcast and for the show notes. I refer to them often.